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To the Belly of the Beast I Go...Chicago

After four wonderful years of living abroad in a nearly Libertarian country, I will be moving back to the United States of America, directly to the belly of the beast, Chicago. My time spent abroad has been very fruitful, both in my personal life but more so in my professional. The skills that I have acquired could never have been obtained in such short time in the USA other than a streak of extreme luck. Experiences and opportunities have allowed me to grow into, what I would say, a formidable businessman with a keen ability to manage people. It seems odd then that I would elect to move back to a country that seems to be falling into a socialist trough that may not yet have reached the bottom. And of all the places that are available, I have chosen Chicago, Obama’s territory and one of big governments greatest achievements maybe only behind Detroit.

The reality is that it wasn’t wholly my choice; my fiancé finished her studies for a CPA and is required to work for at least one year before she is able to take her exams; that is one year too long to be away from her any more. My life away from the USA has also brought on a certain sadness, one that I will never be able to allow my children (don’t have any yet) to live the wonderful life I had during the early nineties in the USA. I fear this because I have no income there but also because I see that wonderful childhood disappearing from the lives of Americans.

At times I am scared. What if I get detained, indefinitely? I don’t know when I am committing a crime anymore; it’s simply too complex to know. Should I keep my head down and go about my day? Or should I try and stand up for my beliefs and try to spread the ideas of liberty as far and wide as possible? There are more and more people willing to accept knowledge in the place of blissful ignorance, but I have serious doubts about being able to make any real difference. Activism is extremely time consuming and my fear is that it will only help to postpone the inevitable collapse. Similar to Atlas Shrugged, those that are preventing the demise of the current system are the allies of such system and thus the enemies of freedom. As a believer in Austrian Economics, I can only deduce that the economy, and society, will require a reset, or at the very least, a severe readjustment.

The uncertainty also brings on great fear for the safety of my fiancé. Though I have purchased her a pistol and she lives in a relatively crime free part of Chicago (if that is even realistic to think), events such as the martial law in Boston add in a completely different variable to the situation. This is another reason that I have made the decision to live in Chicago; a means to protect my fiancé should it be required of me. Call it my natural human instinct to protect the one I love, but the alternative of being helpless, thousands of miles away, and seeing something equivalent to Boston or worse occurring in Chicago would be simply too much to bear. Though we have agreed to leave the country should any American city go into full martial law or other severe events, getting out will be more difficult than most of us imagine.

Wish us luck,

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