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Major Democratic donors flock to Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie is cashing in donations from top Democratic fundraisers and other traditionally liberal donors across the country, even nabbing the support of a handful of rainmakers aligned with President Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a Star-Ledger review of state and federal records shows.

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You can say what you want about the guy

He certainly has his flaws from a freedom perspective, but I cannot imagine for a second how disastrous a Corzine-led cleanup would have gone over here in NJ. At least Christie has a genuine interest in seeing NJ recover from Hurricane Sandy. He's pretty cagey, and it's hard to deduce his strategy at times. Nobody expected the emergency election in October for Senator, and I think he really threw Booker for a loop there. Now Booker will have to campaign in 2014 as well to retain his seat after having only one year to accomplish probably nothing. Lots of Democrats are gnashing their teeth at the cost of two additional elections, about $24 million, but will mention nothing of the $100 million that Obama and his entourage will spend in Africa for a lavish family vacation. I really don't know where Christie is going with taking donations from the left, and it's hard to tell who Chris Christie will be in 2015 or 2016.


A good am

A good am bump, just so that everybody knows.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul