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How Ben Swann Spent His Day In Chicago

Hey Everyone,

Thought you might enjoy the photo gallery below from Ben Swann's shoot in Chicago today. He was filming two new Full Discloure episodes. As his Kickstarter campaign is still underway, these episodes were funded by David and Jeremy Richter of Richter Studios. Ben felt it was critical to continue delivering great news segments for his fans during this campaign. The first of these two episodes will likely be launched at BenSwann.com this Thursday at 7PM CST. Please consider pledging at Kickstarter. Here are the links to the gallery and Kickstarter campaign:



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bad of me to say this and it's trivial to Ben's great works

but I sure wish he would wear a different jacket. I'm distracted when he speaks wondering when the jacket button will pop.

That is funny though :)

Our humor is synced up on that one :)