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I agree with Jesse Ventura 99% of the Time, But This is a Deal breaker for me

I have been following Jesse Ventura for quite some time and think he is amazing. I think he makes great points and I agree with him on 99% of the time. I hope he does make a run in 2016 and get into the debates, but there is one thing I fear about him and I strongly disagree with. That being his view to reinstate the draft.

Jesse has stated that he used to oppose the draft but now does not due to the countless wars and the American People not pressuring the government as much since little johnny is not forced to fight in a war via the draft like in Vietnam.

I can understand Jesse's point of view as having a draft would have the American public much more engaged in war decisions as they risk getting forced to fight in wars.

Although I agree this might have an effect, the principle of reinstating the draft is frighting, unpatriotic (forcing people rather the having people want to defend our nation), and is a form of slavery.

Ron Paul, Alex Jones, and other liberty minded individuals have strongly opposed the draft. Also, Ron Paul has warned about the draft coming back due to our countless wars and I am beginning to fear that this may happen if Russia or China get involved in wars that we start such as with Iran and Syria.

Don't get me wrong I strongly support most of those our military and believe that the volunteer force is the best trained and most patriotic group of men and woman on this planet. I even have family in the military and fear for their lives every day fighting these senseless and banker funded wars.

But even with Jesse's reasoning, until he can clarify his views as he has not talked about it in awhile during interviews with people such Alex Jones, and on mainstream television I cannot give Jesse my support if he runs in 2016.

Furthermore, if he runs in 2016 I cannot and will not support him if he supports the draft in any way, shape or form. Like I said I agree with him on 99% of his views, but being liberty minded, and antiwar, I cannot endorse Jesse if he continues to support the draft. If he gets elected I will be very fearful for my friends, myself, family, and other Americans if he still stands on reinstating the draft.

I am hoping he will be more clear on this issue if he decides to run. However, I will vow never to vote for anybody, even if I agree with them on most things if they support the reinstatement of the draft as its an automatic deal breaker for me.

Here is a video with him supporting it around the 2.10 minute mark


Feel free to comment and share your views.

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Maybe because stopping the draft

caused Americans to become too complacent about going into war.

Not the desired effect.

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Apparently that notion is pretty threatening or else we wouldn't have threads like this posted here.

The same tactic was tried on Rand here many times and failed.

Jesse has a valid point

I don't like the draft, but I think that is what is needed to stop unjust wars. People pay more attention to details. Without draft majority of the people are simply accepting what is fed to them without reasoning it out. When politicians' kids are drafted they think twice before starting a war. Now the shadow government is also using private armies to do the dirty work with money created from thin air and taxing the people for it.

Imagine private armies, private police, private Fed, private prisons, and the elected officials being mere puppets of the private entities. Is this not possible? We need something to wake people up and this could be the one.

Ends do not justify the means.

If it's unjust don't support it! Hypocrisy is in the solution and we want to be as big government and threaten people and take control over people's lives in order to prevent another injustice. So people here on this site are seeking unrighteous solutions for unrighteous actions. Ever hear of two wrongs do not make a right?

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

Jesse is not a libertarian

He is a brutally honest statist who believes in national service.
He is oppossed to corruption and crony capitalism.
He like ralph nader wants to restore honesty and honor to government, they dont want to cut it.
They want to make it better to serve the people and they also want the people to serve their government through taxes and service.

This is not a libertarian view-but a liberal point of view. It might work if it wasnt for human nature

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Many I see still don't get it. It's not if one can support someone 100% of the time for office. Anyone who says this IS A LYING TO THEMSELF! It's if one can support an individual for office based on a majority of issues. And I believe the major issue at this point in history, is if a candidate for office will be true to their oath, to support and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I think Ventura has proven this to many ends.

Good luck to those who keep their head in the sand.

Good post

You put into words my thoughts, thanks

"It might work if not for human nature"

It might work if we shelve the constitution.

So you have to agree with

So you have to agree with someone 100% before you support them? Interesting... Who do you agree with 100%?

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I couldn't agree with you

I couldn't agree with you more. This is a critical logic failure by JV that disqualifies him from consideration to hold public office.

Consider what the draft is. It's forcing 18 year olds, kids who gave had little to no opportunity to even participate in this joke of a democracy, to pick up arms and risk their lives while attempting to murder other people on behalf of the state. It's just about the worst thing that could be done to a kid.

Anybody who supports the draft either hasn't thought it out, or is a complete monster.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein


You don't have to be forced to go to war. If you get drafted and comply with the Subpoena to show up to your recruiting stations as the law states. When they ask/command you to step forward and sign a contract to enlist you simple say it is against my moral/religious beliefs and step back. Keep resisting until they have to let you go. Just like the Mennonites and the Amish you have a right to your religious and moral beliefs they can't jail you for it. This has been proven out in court. Stand for your beliefs! Don't contract your rights away. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conscientious_objector

It's not that easy.

You have to have ample evidence of such beliefs before you go make your case.Otherwise they will dismiss your claim as being based on dodging combat with a current conflict.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

In your creeds

Either in your church creed(s) or an official position paper from the church stating with supporting material and reasoning. You're right.

The night is far spent, the day is at hand.
And those who have not heard shall understand.

I worked hard to end the draft and the Viet Nam war

I thought that would end these endless wars. I never thought that people would be stupid enough to enlist for undeclared endless wars, but they are stupid enough. They go to the middle east for no reason I can see to get their heads blown up and their limbs blown off.

I give up. Draft these stupid idiots. They're just begging for it. I'm retired. I gave up a good portion of my life to stop the draft, and for what?

If there was some way to

If there was some way to draft particular people such as those voting for pro-war candidates, and screaming "we Have to get Al-CIA-DAAA but don't volunteer to fight for themselves and sending people like my cousins to fight while they sit back and watching IQ reducing television shows like MSNBC and CNN and begging the NSA to spy on them since they have "nothing to hide" then I am for drafting those idiots

But sadly if you being the draft back, it goes on a lottery system so that means liberty minded or not, we are all at risk.

These idiots are already going by choice

These people are going to the middle east to get blown up for nothing by choice. I don't get it.

I gave up a lot to fight to end the draft, but people just want to fight endless wars, and get blown up for nothing.

Darwin's theory at work? I don't know, I just don't know what these people are thinking.

Pride, Honor, School, Experience.

Its not choice. Imagine growing up in a hood. Its a war zone already. Somehow you make it out of high school, you are a minority, you have no money for college. Now you see the choices. Military, Debt, or Drugs and Violence.

a) Military gets you to school, makes mom and dad proud, others around you proud, your a instant hero (even to types like us)... at 18, you arent thinking "crap ill be in a dirt ditch with a bullet in my eye in 6 months" nor are you thinking "crap ill have to put a bullet in some kids eye cowering in a ditch in 6 months."

b) Debt gets you into school too, but the price is paid to the banks. Your blood sweat and years are payment to be "qualified" to work. And there is a good chance that you wont even succeed and will still have the debt and be in the same position... screwed.

c) drugs and violence offers and escape (even if temporarily) but the violent hood will eventually eat you.

Just call him Bozo

because the guy is a Clown... Just what the globalist need is a never ending supply of American body bags...total Idiot...

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Jesse is DEAD WRONG Here!!

The draft means the state owns your a#s!!

If they can draft you, tax you, eaves drop on you, harass you, force you to breath the air contaminated by contrail pollutants, GMO food, and yes, fluoridated water, they can round you up send you to a FEMA camp.. forever...

in case you havent paid attention recently...

If they wanted to they could throw you in a fema camp already. They have all the cards, we have a joker. And now they have "law" on their side. Face it, like the Indians of this land before us, we were sold down the river. Just look at boston, warrant-less searches on a grand scale, no one said boo. People in gitmo starving, nothing gets done. Politicians making deals and getting fat, and the people they screw do nothing. Obvious assassinations of innocents by police, no one held accountable. Fact is you are still wearing the rose colored glasses given to you by your 4th grade history teacher. It is a very different world out there now, and the rules have changed considerably.

I agree with him.

As a veteran myself, I think the draft would be the quickest way to end the wars and bring light to our foreign policy. This is just another form of coercion, yes, but it would be the pain of war pushed onto the population and not just a select group of volunteers who kill themselves at a much higher rate.

No train to Stockholm.

As a taxpayer myself,

I think the income tax should be raised to 100%, which would be the quickest way to shed light on our fiscal policy. This is just another form of slavery and genocide, but it would be the pain of poverty pushed onto the population and not just a select group of the productive who work themselves to death at a much higher rate.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

And so you would willing send

And so you would willing send innocent people into harms way and to risk death in order to try to raise public awareness to put pressure on the state to end the wars? Have you seriously thought about the consequences of what you are proposing?

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

I Tend to agree as well

While I am not a veteran and I did try my best to avoid the draft during the Vietnam era, my lottery number did me in and was set to go in when my group got put into a second priority as Nixon was winding the war down, and I did not have to go.
A draft would rally the people once again to stop these insane wars, and we would see protests in the streets once again!

you would also see

a bunch of dead kids. how is this logical? to stop war we must force kids into war.

war is peace? are you sure about that?

Well if you think that will

Well if you think that will stop a war think again. Sure protesting will have some effect but the war wont end quickly. There was no draft in 2003 and the largest anti-war protest in history took place but we continued to fight until long into the decade.


A draft is a bad idea. And I don't care what people say even if it means waking people up.

I rather be executed then be forced to fight in war and see people get killed and have limbs blown off and risk having the same happen to myself for something I am strongly against. I say executed because I rather be put out than deal with years of emotional and physical damage. Every time I see a soldier with blown limbs, PTSD, and brain damage, I can put myself in their shoes and feel their pain. I sometimes feel like breaking down as they don't deserve this.

I can understand where some of you are coming from, but I am sure if you were forced to fight these unjust wars, you would be angry to.

Being liberty minded, I am shocked to hear some of you supporting the draft, its one thing to be antiwar and hate the big banks, and corrupt politicians funded wars but advocating for it to be reinstated is just scary.

Like I said if we can only draft the corrupt war supporting politicians kids or those war-hawk Americans who advocate for this crap but don't join the military themselves, then I am for the idea if it will wake them up and have an effect.

Anyone advocating for the draft here should not forget YOU WILL ALSO BE A TARGET OR YOUR KIDS, GRANDCHILDREN AND FRIENDS WILL BE. So think before you wish for such a tyrannical, and unconstitutional thing.

The American People

Have no fucking idea about War. Sadly, I'm very afraid they will have to see it for themselves.

Thank you for your service. And I agree, that a paid armed force doesn't even approach that Constitution.

I do not agree with bringing

I do not agree with bringing the draft back. I for one and many of my friends are liberty minded and hate these wars. We don't want to be drafted and fight these illegal wars. All of us have been very fearful as Ron Paul has warned as more wars get propped up a draft has a chance of coming back. We love our country, but we don't like the government nor being the idea forced to fight an unjust war basically signing a suicide contract. Like I said I fear for those in my family every day who are in the military. Most of them are waking up and even voted for Ron Paul. Although I wished they were not in the military and were safe at home, without such a high enlistment and their service there would be a draft. But I continue to join my fellow Liberty minded human beings in waking up other people to protest and get active in ending these wars and restoring the republic.

The draft is not a quick way to end wars

Because the wars are continuous. Where does it end?