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LRC: Expansionism vs Neutrality

Brilliant essay by Michael Rozeff at LRC this morning...

America stands at a critical foreign policy juncture. America must decide between two opposing courses. She can continue along the road of foreign intervention and expansionism, or she can turn onto the road she once traveled – neutrality.

Expansionism vs. Neutrality. This is the big issue that embraces many related issues whose scope is so broad as to affect every one of us. Their scope is so large and all-embracing that most Americans cannot see the big issue. Inside a huge valley of death, one hardly knows that there is a promised land beyond the surrounding peaks. Our vision is woefully obscure.

The number of important concerns grouped around these two poles, Expansionism and Neutrality, is astonishing. To mention a few:

War vs. Peace
Empire vs. Republic
Inherent Executive Power vs. Constitutional Limits
Police State vs. Free Country
Surveillance State vs. Right to Privacy
Foreign Invasions vs. Respect for International Law
Interference in Foreign Domestic Affairs vs. Non-Interference
Superpower vs. Multipolar World
Utopian Spreading of Democracy vs. Minding One’s Own Business
Fiat Money vs. Sound Money
High Taxes vs. Low Taxes
Unpayable Public Debt vs. Sound Finances
Stagnant Income vs. Growing Income
Military-Industrial Complex vs. The Public Good
Crony Capitalism vs. Free Market Capitalism
Standing Military Forces vs. Small Military Establishment
Militarism vs. Business
Jingoistic Patriotism vs. Healthy Scepticism of Government
Government Secrecy vs. Open Government
Government-Controlled Media vs. Free Press
Government Propaganda vs. Truth
Unlimited Government Power vs. Limited Government Power
A Scrap of Paper vs. The Constitution



This is why Ron Paul made foreign policy his central campaign issue. This is why neocons, not progressives (unless they're neocons too) are libertarians worst enemies. This is why libertarians must continue to press Rand to divorce the neocons.