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City passes sweeping anti-surveillance law

IOWA CITY, Iowa —The Iowa City Council Tuesday night adopted what may be a first-in-the-nation law to ban traffic-enforcement cameras, drones and most uses of license-plate readers, but it comes with a big caveat.

Despite the 7-0 vote to adopt an ordinance outlawing those technologies, the majority of the council still supports the use of red-light cameras. Also, city officials saw no problem prohibiting drones and automatic license-plate readers because the city has no plans to use them except, for the latter, for parking violations.

KCRG-TV reports Iowa City’s law appears to be at the very least uncommon and possibly unique in the United States.


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meekandmild's picture

Lets get this into law at the state level

That also includes that the Feds can't use any type of electronic surveillance or tracking with out a STATE issued search warrant.


I like it!

What would the Founders do?