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Glenn Greenwald Spars w/ Former CIA Officer | MSNBC

Q: Those are pretty strong words... Was the reason for your column to inflame or provoke discussion?

A: It was not to do either. It was to make clear that there is a consistent trend on the part of people who attack the United States either with an attempt, or successfully... which is that they all cite the same thing... which is that the United States has continued to drone, bomb, invade, occupy, imprison and torture countless people in the Muslim world... and that people in that part of the world and (other) Muslims who identify with it, have concluded that the only way to make that stop, the only way to fulfill their notions of justice... is to bring violence to the United States... so that Americans (themselves) can see the effects of that which they're causing in other parts of the world.... and I think we need to face up to what it is that we're doing to inflame this problem, and continue to motivate the anti-American sentiment that causes terrorism in the first place.


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Buck sure practiced his narrative

Glenn "...thousands of dead children from USA sanctions"
Buck "...this sounds like warmed over Noam Chomsky"

Buck doesn't give a f*ck about killing kids. These guys scream all day and night that Muslims want to kill our children, while in reality THEY KILL BOATLOADS OF CHILDREN.

Buck may not be pulling the trigger personally, but he is selling the policy to the public, and knows full well the end result of that policy.

Greenwald is so on point

in this interview. Excellent.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

This guys an idiot Dont look

This guys an idiot

Dont look whats in front of your face folks, its not SIMPLE, heres my over complicated explanation, you dont have to understand it, just as long as it convinces you im right!

Idiot, for thinking us, idiots

A former CIA officer now working at The Blaze...

Among the media organizations, I imagine this is the norm rather than the exception.

Buck Sexton?? LOL

Sounds like a porn star! Great points from Greenwald as usual.