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Audit the IRS Tea Party Rally Live Blog

Are there any Daily Paul members attending today's rally? Please leave your twitter link if you have one or let us know how it's going.

Today’s rather hastily organized rally is being promoted as, “the largest Tea party protest since 2010.” Side Note: How many Americans recall that Ron Paul supporters hosted grassroots Tea Party rallies in nearly every major city of the country back in 2007?

Details on attending the events. 11:30pm – 3:00pm ET. Speakers Include:
Glenn Beck, Senator Mike Lee, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Rand Paul, Jenny Beth Martin, Rep. Steve King, Rep. Dave Camp, Rep. Louie Gohmert, Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Tim Huelskamp, Rep. Jim Bridenstine, Rep. John Fleming, Rep. Tom Graves, Rep. Tom Price, Rep. Mike Kelly, Rep. Matt Salmon, Tea Party Leaders, Dana Loesch, Steve Bannon, Sonnie Johnson, Jim Hoft, Niger Innis and Andrew Marcus.

Live feeds: http://iroots.org/2013/06/19/live-audit-the-irs-tea-party-ra...

P.S. C-SPAN 3 will cover the event at 12PM ET.

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IRS Rally

I have many friends who are in attendance [bus loads], however they do not participate on the daily paul. I was not able to attend due to work.

They are fully aware and support that IRS should be abolished. Hopefully they will engage the beck followers and set them straight.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I think someone must've gotten their signals crossed

"Audit the Fed", "Eliminate the IRS"... Anyone?