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Israel Wants US to Front Them 5 Billion for Future Military Aid / More Weapons

Either Way Israel Won't Be Paying for the Weapons
by Jason Ditz,
The Israeli Defense Ministry is calling it a “bridge loan,” but in reality it is tantamount to when a child wants a couple of weeks advance on their allowance to buy something.

The Defense Ministry is seeking to buy $5 billion worth of weapons and wants the US government to “guarantee” the amount so that US commercial banks will front them the additional cash on the assumption it will eventually be covered by future US aid.

The Obama Administration had already announced the “sales” to Israel previously and is almost certain to approve anything to get the transaction completed. Make no mistake, though, there is no “sale” here: it is the US giving Israel those weapons and Israel is paying for it with promised future US aid.


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I agree...

And send them one Nuke at a time for delivery @ 5000 ft.

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For those that may have missed it

This is a huge MIC Ponzi Scheme at taxpayer expense. Those in congress that are lobbied $$ to vote for this also make money off their private investments in the Defense and Surveillance Industries as well.

War Is A Racket!

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.