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TWA Flight 800 - I Told You So!

Here's a column I wrote for Ether Zone in 2002.


As reported recently by Bill Gertz in the Washington Times, portable missiles are believed to have been smuggled into the United States for the purpose of shooting down civilian airliners in flight.

The rest of the day following the report, the cable news networks were downplaying the news as being vague and unreliable. Typical.

Just as the Justice Department is downplaying the FBI memo that said Islamic persons were studying as pilots, probably with intent to fly a large aircraft into a building, such as the World Trade Center in New York.

This, we are supposed to believe, was simply not enough information to cause a government public safety employee to un-ass his chair long enough to notify anyone concerned.

Here’s a question I would like to hear come from a White House correspondent, directed at the press secretary or concerned cabinet member. “ Were the missiles smuggled into the United States BEFORE or AFTER the TWA 800 incident?”

I remember with utter clarity, the moment I first smelled a giant rat sneaking around the investigation into TWA 800. That moment came when James Kallstrom of the FBI said that all theories regarding the downing of TWA 800 were still on the table. Then, in the next breath he said that anyone who believes it was shot down by a missile was basically a nut and un-American at that. Cause: unknown. Missile: ruled out.

Then came the flurry of curious revelations about TWA 800. The radar track data shows a fast moving “virgule” or a slash appearing in close proximity to TWA 800 just prior to the explosion. These slash marks indicate that the radar detected an object with no transponder (not another plane) moving rapidly toward TWA 800. Unlike Justice Department officials, radar tells no lies.

Samples of seat cushions were found to have residue containing high concentrations of elements found in missile fuels. Investigators on the scene repeatedly sent debris of this type for testing to FBI headquarters. In every case the FBI declared the evidence to be false positives, even though the FBI testing equipment was inferior to the highly accurate EGIS system used at the scene.

More than one hundred eyewitnesses, some with military and flight experience, stated that they saw a missile steak skyward from the horizon, make course corrections toward and impact (what they now know was) TWA 800. All of these eyewitnesses were barred from official public hearings on the crash. The CIA’s cartoon version of the events was dutifully reported by the broadcast media in a blatant attempt to counter the eyewitness reports that refused to subside.

Now they tell us that stolen anti-aircraft missiles are in the U.S. and, in the hands of persons with bad intentions. I guess they think its safe to report this since so much time has passed since the TWA 800 event. No one would make the connection, and start dredging up old questions about TWA 800.

Guess again. Unlike FBI numbskulls, the average American can put two and two together and come up with an even number.

If the passengers who perished aboard TWA 800 were the first victims lost in the war on terrorism, then two things are true. Their lives were sacrificed to shore up confidence in the Clinton administration, and by doing so, the FBI and the news media set the table for more terrorist activity in New York.

Once again, the federal government is sending the message. Americans are expendable, but big government must march on. In fact, government seems to expand in proportion to the number of innocent lives lost. In Gustav Hasford’s novel, The Short Timers, the sadistic drill instructor, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman lamented, “Blood makes the grass grow.”

- - -

NOTE: The author is a former air traffic controller who once worked in the same departure sector that TWA800 was in when shot down. He is the author of EXIT 13A – A Control Tower Diary.


William A. Shields is a former U.S. Marine and a veteran FAA air traffic controller. A frequent guest on talk radio, he has served as chairman of a state political party, a political consultant, and a body guard for a U.S. Senate candidate. A graduate of Widener University, Mr. Shields resides in Wilmington, Delaware

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The Executive Branch of the

The Executive Branch of the Federal Government is not reliable in Keeping Americans Safe.

prolly was

Lee Harvey Oswald, again

Black Box 'The Death Of TWA 800' Pt 1 of 2


Broadcast on ABC in 1998.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Does anybody remember the ridicuolus official video

showing a commercial airliner sliced in half with the fuselage pointing straight up and the engines at full throttle? We were told that this was the streak that people had seen. Anybody with any mechanical sense at all would realize that a plane in this predictament would very quickly shred itself to death, not continue flying. They played this video for just a couple of days and nobody has seen it since. Where is it? Can someone find it and please post it on YouTube. The truth to any conspiracy theory is hiding in PLANE sight.

If TWA 800

was shot down by terrorist why would the govt cover it up to look like a malfunction? Or if the Government blew it up, why wouldn't they blame terrorists?

I thought their was no such thing as terrorism and every attack was our government killing Americans and making it look like terrorist did it..

So when their is a REAL terrorist attack the US covers it up to make it look like its not an attack but then manufactures an attack and says its terrorist????


Here's why

Just like Ben Ghazi, a president was trying to get re-elected (Clinton) and a terrorist attack (or a government mishap/friendly fire) is an event that could not help. An accident is not the president's fault, and an accident is the least damaging event politically. so an accident it shall be. The NTSB is the lead agency in an aircraft crash until it is determined that a crime was involved, then the FBI takes over. The FBI took charge of TWA800 IMMEDIATELY. What does that tell you? The government is manipulating events and manipulating the news. That's how this game is played.

“...taxes are not raised to carry on wars, but that wars are raised to carry on taxes”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man


every event man made or natural is a government false flag in the minds of conspiracy theorists. There is no terrorists, just false flags. So in that case this is the ONLY "real" terrorist attack.. Al Qaeda hit us once in 1996 and never again??

See the issue here?


I've been wondering the same thing. If it was the government, what was the motive? If it were terrorists, who claimed responsibility? Terrorism, pretty much by definition, is about making some sort of statement and/or promoting some sort of change.

TWA 800

How do we know that terrorists did not claim responsibility?? If the government doesn't want that info made public, we don't find out.
Example: Everyone knows that Oswald ordered a rifle through the mail using a fake name. (and then carried an I.D. under that name.) In Texas, 1963, the only way that a purchased rifle could be traced to you, is if you ORDERED IT THROUGH THE MAIL!!
So, the government wanted you know something about the so called assassin's rifle. But they only wanted you to know the damaging info, not the exculpatory facts or facts that seem to point toward a conspiracy.

“...taxes are not raised to carry on wars, but that wars are raised to carry on taxes”
Thomas Paine, Rights of Man



For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

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TWA 800 was shot down in flames: The AEGIS-CEC Theory

The AEGIS-CEC Theory (NEW).
The eyewitness reports of a missile still under active propulsion long ago ruled out a Standard missile from the Normandy. But the missile had to come from someplace, and the radar track indicates a launch point which does not correspond to any acknowledged launch point.

It was for this reason I postulated a SUBSAM, which as long time readers will recall, resulted in a rather vigorous drubbing at the hands of the same people who insisted that the Navy's denial of submarines in the area, even though untrue, wasn't really a lie.

The one and only argument against a SUBSAM launch was that VLF and ELF radio are far too slow for the conveying of launch data to a submerged submarine. But now we discover that a high speed laser communication system exists which allows submerged submarines to communicate with aircraft and satellites which are overhead. First deployed on USS Dolphin, such a system would allow AEGIS-CEC commands to be relayed via an overhead aircraft (such as the CEC modified P-3s) or a satellite.

Since high speed response to a cruise missile was the desired result of the CEC system, the cannister launch system would not be usable. Therefore, the USS Trepang, a Sturgeon class submarine, is not a likely platform. But the USS Albuquerque, a type 688 Los Angeles class attack sub, equipped with vertical launch tubes, most assuredly is.

SteveMT's picture

AEGIS CEC program was developed by Raytheon for $3.6B

Navy ACAT ID Program
Prime Contractor
Total Number of Systems: 215 Raytheon Systems Corporation,
Total Program Cost ((TY$): $3,576.1M St Petersburg, FL
Average Unit Cost (TY$): $77.9M
Full-rate production: FY02
Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC) is a system of hardware and software that allows the sharing of radar data on air targets among ships. Radar data from individual ships of a Battle Group is
transmitted to other ships in the group via a line of sight data distribution system (DDS). Each ship uses identical data processing algorithms resident in its Cooperative Engagement Processor (CEP), resulting in each ship having essentially the same display of track information on aircraft and missiles. An individual ship can launch an anti-air missile at a threat aircraft or anti-ship cruise missile within its engagement envelope, based on radar data relayed to it by another ship. Program plans include the addition of E-2C aircraft equipped with CEP and DDS to bring airborne radar coverage plus extended relay capability to CEC. CEP-equipped units, connected via the DDS network, are known as Cooperating Units (CUs).

As currently implemented, CEC is a major contributor to the
Joint Vision 2020 concept of full-dimensional protection for the fleet from air threats. In concert with multi-Service sensor and engagement systems, it can contribute to a major expansion of the battlespace.

They can say what they want...

The government can say whatever it wants, but I distinctly remember what I saw. That day, within hours of the accident, a local NYC TV station broadcast video provided by a tourist on beach on Long Island. The video played for about half an hour before it disappeared. It clearly showed an upward arching glowing flare in the sky just before you saw an eruption of light in the distance. Yes it was all faint, no you couldn't see an airplane or any wreckage falling out of the sky, but giving the circumstances it was pretty clear what had happened. A book by a airline employ's husband named Sanders was released a few months later that revealed that the Navy had been test firing missiles in the area and had failed to properly alert the aviation authorities. This was the same guy who had smuggled out the piece of upholstery to have it tested and which subsequently revealed the presence of rocket propellant. If I recollect correctly, they threw him in jail and the book was pulled from the shelves. Welcome to the Land of the Free, NOT.


Oh, and the official explanation, a short in badly engineering wiring going through the center fuel tank? They issued a repair and replace order for that within the year -- but it was never implemented. Most of the planes flying at the time, which were built that way, continued to fly, without repaired, until they were retired at the end of their life cycles. It wasn't even a good cover up. And the saddest part? One of the best and oldest airlines in the country, one that pioneered much of the commercial aviation industry, was driven into bankruptcy largely as a result of this incident.

And you can't ignite Kerosene (Jet Fuel) vapor.

With a spark.

Thanks William!

Thanks William!


We love and trust those who govern us so well!....(!-P