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Ron Paul on "Alex Jones" - Infowars.com - 11:30am CT, 6/19/13

Ron Paul on "Alex Jones" - Infowars.com - 11:30am CT, 6/19/13

Ron Paul begins at 21:28 mark

On this guest-packed Wednesday, June 19 edition of the Alex Jones Show, former Congressman Ron Paul joins us to discuss the NSA's constitutional infringements and other privacy scandals


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Here ya go emalvini.....

at the 21:30 mark a 22min interview



Just posted Youtube Link To Thread

Thanks so much goldenequity for the link..

Ron Paul will be on in about 15 minutes

Ron Paul will be talking about the comments he made on CNBC yesterday about Gold going to infinity and the dollar collapsing..

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Bump - thanks E!

Today is the big Fed announcement that the media has conditioned us to wait for with baited breath.

He's the man.


The FOREX has been 'stuck' for hours now....
winding up like a SPRING
for the 2:00 EST Fed news release...
a good time to STAY OUT of ANY/ALL markets **bolting door** :)

YEP!!! Stay Out Of Markets - Buy Gold & Silver!!

Thanks for the report goldenequity

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Yup, everything is stuck

A big holding pattern until 2. Then the simultaneous earthquakes & fireworks begin.

He's the man.

Isn't That How It Works - A War In Syria & A Monetary Collapse

Coordinated & calculated move by all those involved in bringing us down to a banana republic..

Maybe they'll Inform Us That Bernanke Is Out Soon - Ha!!

Enjoy the show brother in liberty

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Thanks E - just tuned in

Listening now. Dr. Paul just came on. "Gold going to infinity!"

He's the man.


Should be a good one!