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The Real Point of Russell Brand's "Morning Joe" Rant

“This is a hotbed of neurosis and psychosis!” - Russell Brand

Yesterday we were all treated to a viral video of Russell Brand getting a wee bit ranty on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”. After feeling slighted by the attitude of host Mika Brzezinksi – daughter of world-shaping neocon Zbigniew Brzezinski (I wonder how she got that MSNBC gig???) – Brand decided to take control of the interview and openly mock the Mainstream Talking Heads surrounding him on all sides.

To the untrained ear it may seem that Brand was just having a good ‘ol time, as he surely was, and making fools out of Mika and the other hosts just for kicks. I believe the real point of Brand’s rant may have been lost on some. He was not simply mocking these specific hosts of “Morning Joe” due to some rude behavior. Rather, he was calling out the entire mainstream media that passes itself off as “news” while serving to distract the public from real issues. At 4:31 Brand states:

Because I believe that people are very, very intelligent, but the information gets manipulated by people that like to cause, you know, fake stirs and stuff.

It’s fairly clear that the “people who like to cause fake stirs” he is referring to are the fine “journalists” conducting his interview. After a host claims he “can’t understand” his accent and being referred to in the third person by Mika, Brand starts to get a little more wiley. At 6:55 he decides to take control and put on a satirical news cast of his own.

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They mock his appearance & accent, he mocks their brains

The gist: They mock his appearance & accent, he mocks their brains.

Damn it all, if their brainless banter isn't the worst sort of trash imaginable! If unemployed Americans wake up and watch this crap instead of finding work or going to school, no wonder the collective intelligence and working skill sets are going down the tube.

Television is dangerous stuff!!

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

Good f'n lord, what did I

Good f'n lord, what did I just watch? Those people lost their minds in the first minute and never got them back.

i don't buy it

johnny rotten and the sex pistols did a better job of mocking the MSM. his support of snowden and manning is to be commended if he is indeed sincere and not simply trying to be trendy, after all this is the same guy who begged the audience at the MTV awards to elect obama to "save the world" and the same guy on piers morgan the other day who said because of sandy hook he agrees with piers saying "the more guns that are available, the more likely for them being used incorrectly here." of course he is much revered at huffington post and gawker, no surprise there. finally i find the most uninteresting thing about a person is their ego, and when that ego is
off the chart i find it a turn off; and all the fanboy hoopla here at the DP over him i find curious to say the least. what's next a lady gaga thread?

I like the fact alone that he is obviously anti-authoritarian

Aside from that, even if he is being 'trendy', it's a damn good message to be trendy with.

Would you prefer he was Neo-Con trendy quoting John McCain and Lindsay Graham?

here's your hero

being all anti-authoritarian

your neo-con question i find insulting, esp here at the DP.

There's hardly a celebrity around

That hasn't got in a tiff and pissed on some poor son of a bitch paparazzi snoop.

So what?

Any talk throwing Snowden in a good light is a good thing. I never claimed he was my hero, I just liked what he said and the way he said it.

So what?

the guy was in his own car and

btw they busted brand for acting like a dick prima donna (how dare someone take my photo!) and he had to do community service. ha ha.

i'm all for support of snowden, and i said in my original post that brand should be commended if he was sincere, it's just hard to tell with an ego manic.

Russell Brand....

Russell Brand is a genius. He is very articulate, spontaneous and sarcastic. He is well versed in current affairs and see's the sham the industry has become.

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

I wouldn't read too much into

I wouldn't read too much into it. The job of a comedian is to lampoon sacred cows (no pun intended).


but the really smart ones plant a seed.

A person who is laughing is open minded, and Russel knows how to plant seeds in that soil, IMO.

Just open the box and see

You won't be warmly

You won't be warmly congratulating him the second he comes back with a pro-Obama rant, will you?

That was 2008

I was also snowed by obama's "hope and change".

I certainly don't worship at the alter of all things Brand. ;)

I think he is intelligent, and funny, and good with improvisation. I also think he is dropping little truths on purpose.

Even if I disagree with something he says, I might think about it from a different angle. The chance to think about things from different perspectives is a chance I seldom pass on.

Just open the box and see

This comedian's job is to

This comedian's job is to entertain and poke fun at the expense of decorum. All comedians in all societies do this. They "play the fool" by skewering the powerful and the public without the risk court jesters of yore faced (they would be killed if they failed to entertain their king).

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:) thanks for feeding the baby.

I used

To hate Russel Brand until I saw that video.

he's earned some browny

he's earned some browny points out of nowhere, a surprise, out of the blue......im still weary though, but i do want to see where this is coming from, so if he is featured here again, ill probably be checking it out...."to see where he's coming from".....what is his outlook to things, the things we here cherish......might not hear from him again, for all i know

I took away the same...

Laughed so hard when he was talking about how the media spins the news and manipulates it, because they had zero response when called out.