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Russian marine and air power head for Syria versus Western intervention

Russian marine and air power head for Syria versus Western intervention – “to defend Russian citizens,” says Moscow

Just one day after the G8 Summit ended in the failure of Western leaders to overcome Russian resistance to a resolution mandating President Bashar Assad’s ouster, Moscow announced Wednesday June 19, the dispatch to Syria of two warships carrying 600 Russian marines. They were coming, said the official statement, "to protect the Russian citizens there." Russian Deputy Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Gradusov added that an air force umbrella would be provided the Russian expeditionary force if needed.

The harming of Russian soldiers would give Moscow an excuse to pile on more military reinforcements in Syria;
Russian air power is on its way to Syrian airspace before any decision is taken in the West about imposing a US-led no-fly zone over Syria

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I hope the west understands the message and backs off. This is dangerous. This is another cold war. But not so cold I guess.

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If obama keeps moving forward

If obama keeps moving forward with arming the rebels and the no fly zone then I think that world war 3 is in the works. Maybe the bankers have decided that war is the only war to stimulate the world economy out of its depression. With Russia and Iran both sending troops and supplies to syria there seems to be little doubt what will happen if obmaa does not back off.

Hot or Cold War?

Russia, China, Syria, U.S. Iran and the Al Qaeda funded rebels..and economic collapse brewing... We got Benghazi and NSA and IRS abuses and a lying nothing for a president..

I would say things are about to explode to the "nth" degree

cute huh?

There is already

a contingent of about 1000 U.S. Marines on the border of Jordan and Syria, for "exercises". Though the things I've read is that without U.S. or Israeli air support, the rebels are finished.

The war hawks are going to see it as a big loss for Israel and the U.S. if the rebels are defeated. I think the Israeli lobby will blame Obama, and he will have a lot more political trouble. The chances of some desperation false flag from this faction seems higher.

here they go again

I guess all those soldiers cooling their heels in Kuwait will finally get some "action".

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