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Mozilla Firefox NSA Startup Page

I don't know if anyone has noticed but at the startup page of Mozilla Firefox there is a link to a petition to stop the NSA from spying on us. It reads, "Security and privacy are not optional. Stand with a broad coalition to demand that the NSA stop watching us: stopwatching.us" I thought that this was pretty cool seeing as this is a popular browser and all. It has been pretty successful so far with over 232,000 signatures. If you wanted to sign it here is the link: https://optin.stopwatching.us/ Just wanted to inform you all.

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It's just a sign up sheet

It's just a sign up sheet that the government can then use to track you down and whack you for your anti-government views.

I did notice that the other day

the little icon of a camera is cute.

I signed the petition...

and felt this could use another bump. The link is still popping up, and its been several days since I first started seeing it. It has 442,988 signatures so far.

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Closing in on Half a Million

I hope that Congress does something about this considering this has so many supporters. By the way thanks for the bump.

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I don't like being on a

I don't like being on a 'list' of people who don't like the government..

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If you can't have your name put on a list....

for fear of retaliation, are you not already a slave?

You already made "the list" simply visiting the DP...

...then registering and posting. If you are not in this regime's cross hairs you are asleep.

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Have you ever watched 'V is for Vendetta?'

Good movie.
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You Should Change Your Attitude

You have to stand up for what you believe in, even if it might hurt you. Nothing is going to change if you don't try and fix it. I suggest that you go watch "V for Vendetta". That'll change your mind!

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Too late, you're on Daily Paul.

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off topic TBS but did you ever read the Roald Dahl story...

"The Boy Who Talked With Animals"? An awesome tale in which a boy and a tortoise "save" each other.Roald Dahl was a very interesting character himself. I really enjoyed 'The Irregulars: Roald Dahl and the British Spy Ring in Wartime Washington'. Many stories refer to him as the Ian Flemming's inspiration for 007. I tend to lean more towards William Stephenson(code name Intrepid). I do digress. I will check out that Julia Stuart book and see if I "get" the reference.

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Firefox has already sold your data to Google

Almost all of the funding for the Mozilla foundation comes from Google. That is why the Google search engine add-on is the default, the Google search bar is on the default home page, and Google "safe browsing" is enabled by default.

Why would Google fund its own competition in Firefox? Because Firefox supplies Google data on the internet searches and web sites accessed.

I'm glad Mozilla is taking this stand, but they have already sold the user data out to Google...and we all know how cozy Google is with government agencies.


I like it and already signed the petition.

Just to be clear, Firefox

Just to be clear, Firefox sends data (your search query) to Google when you do a search that needs to show the search results from Google. Google has a contract with Mozilla to be the default search engine.

"Safe browsing" was designed in a way explicitly to not reveal data to Google because Mozilla is a non-profit and puts users first and that means protecting users' security and privacy. (A little more technical details, Firefox requests a database of potentially unsafe sites from Google, so Firefox can locally check a site without revealing to Google (or Mozilla) the user's browsing history.)

Another example of what Mozilla has done to protect users is Firefox Sync was implemented with client-side encryption, so even though Mozilla servers are used to transfer synced data to your other devices, Mozilla cannot read that data to find out your bookmarks, passwords, etc. This prevents government surveillance because Mozilla designed the system so that only the user has access to the data.

Mozilla being a non-profit that fights for the user is why I help out with this open source project.

any specific links? Would

any specific links? Would like to read on that


is pretty good too.

Bless ya for sharing,

Bless ya for sharing, interesting

By the way, unless im missing something, firefox deals more in browsers then anything, ive not heard em enter the search engine realm yet, although i may be wrong

I Think You're Right

Yeah, they are more with the browsers, not search engines. I'll change it.

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DuckDuckGo also has this

DuckDuckGo also has this linked. I am glad to see this happening.

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