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Updated: Dwayne Stovall Is Officially Challenging John Cornyn (Texas Rino Hunting)

Updated August 26th, it is now confirmed, Dwayne Stovall is Officially a Candidate for US Senate in the 2014 Texas Republican Primary, here is an Email he sent out confirming it:

Yesterday, I went on the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Satellite (He leads into Glen Beck) and formally announced my candidacy for the next U.S. Senator from THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!

It is past time to put the interests of Texas first! Do you want to vote for someone that will never vote to increase the debt or the size of the federal government? Well now you can.

Please join me in the battle to reestablish federalism and limited government.

In liberty,

from his website:

Do you want to restore the Constitution of the United States as written and amended?

Do you believe the Federal Government consistently works outside the limits placed on it by the Constitution?

Do you see how the United States of America, which the Constitution created as a Republic based in federalism, has declined into a Nation based in socialism?

If so, you are the one I am talking to.

I have held out hope that someone with Jeffersonian principles would step up to run against U.S. Senator John Cornyn, and it has become obvious that will not happen.

I circulated a petition two and a half months to find out if there was enough grass roots support to justify a common man with no political affiliations taking on the Republican machine, and the amount of support I found was overwhelming.
I am a Christian, Texan, husband, father, and small business owner in Cleveland, Texas. I have been happily married for 22 years and have 3 children.

Time to bring down the RINO!

Check out Dwayne Stovall on the issues, hes a good one.

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Cornyn, McConnel team up to end attempted Cruz Filibuster

WASHINGTON – In case you weren’t glued to C-Span2 for the last hour, here’s what you missed.

The Senate voted 67-31 to quash a filibuster by Sen. Ted Cruz that would have blocked the Senate from lifting the federal debt ceiling. Cruz voted against cloture, naturally. But the top GOP leaders, fellow Texas Sen. John Cornyn and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, sided with Democrats to cut off the filibuster.

Reaffirmation in progress, Boehner, Cornyn, McConnell and company.

Southern Agrarian

This is interesting..

Brazoria County Lincoln Reagan Dinner guest is Johnathan Cornyn the 3rd. See bolded. (Forwarded to me by a contact in that county)

Some info for you:

Brazoria County Republican Party Lincoln-Reagan Dinner is at 6:30 Saturday, February 22, at the Lake Jackson Civic Center. This event is well attended by your fellow Republicans and we hope you will consider attending. Tickets are $30 advance sale and $35 at the door. Tables for 8 are available for $300. Contact ticket chairman, (name withdrawn) .

Sponsorships are also available with a donation. If interested, contact (name withdrawn) .

Silent auction and live auction items are needed. If you wish to provide an item, please send the information, along with approximate value and your information to auction chair (name withdrawn). There will be some excellent live auction items, including a condo in Costa Rica donated by (name withdrawn), Candidate for State Board of Education. We will have many wonderful items, large and small for you to bid on.

We are honored to have U.S. Senator John Cornyn as our keynote speaker. While some may feel he is a bit out of sync, he is considered to be a solid conservative. He and Senator Ted Cruz work together quite well, contrary to what you may hear from others. Senator Cornyn is our elected Senator and we will be receiving him with a warm welcome from Brazoria County.

The evening is also an opportunity to meet and talk with your elected officials. We have also heard from many candidates at the county, area, and state level who will be attending.

When you vote in the Republican Primary on March 4 or during early voting, it is of utmost importance that you vote the entire ballot………the candidates and our state depend on you. As you are aware, many races are decided at the primary ballot box.

Let’s get those ticket requests and auction items now!! Hope to see a great crowd on the 22nd! We work hard for Republican candidates and this dinner is a way to come together as a party and unite behind those who will represent us on the ballot!!


Southern Agrarian

Our Liberty Elections endorses Dwayne

Hey stonewall can you embed this in the thread, please?

Southern Agrarian


It was about time I figured out how to embed youtube videos. I never bothered trying until now.

Don't worry, I learned only a

Don't worry, I learned only a month ago.

Southern Agrarian

I thought so...

I noticed how you never did embed videos until recently.

Dwayne will be in Hunstville

Dwayne will be in Hunstville tonight with Debra Medina
Veteran's Conference Center
455 State Highway 75 North
Huntsville 77320, TX

I wont be able to attend due to bad weather coming in later today. Ice and sleet are expected again :(

Southern Agrarian


what is this guys drug policy? it should now be easy for these guys to take a position now that perry came out for decrim.

i looked at his site before and saw no mention. whenever they start off with "I am a Christian" that sends up a red flag as to their position on drug policy reform.

has he clarified his position on this issue yet?

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Rand Paul 2016

After listening to him last

After listening to him last night, I'd say right now "he's" against legalization but wouldn't stop Texans from voting to legalize it.

Southern Agrarian

I haven't heard him

I haven't heard him personally say or list his position on it.
But, he was a ron paul delegate to the Texas 2012 GOP Convention, he used to post stuff about ending the MIC on his personal facebook, he may not personally want marijuana legalized but if Texas voted for it on the ballot he would defend our right to do so against whatever Federal law at the time was standing.

That's kind of a muddled answer but I "don't think he will be coming out for legalization anytime before the primary" to keep certain voters on board... hint hint ... wink wink... check back closer to the run off maybe.

Southern Agrarian

Add Matt McCall to the Texas Rhino Hunters

District 21

Running against Lamar Smith.

Matt is a "We the people" real human being.

His speech was excellent. Liberty and end the Fed

Make it happen!

His campaigners are doing a good job here in Austin

I see Matt McCall signs everywhere.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Rumor has it, Linda Vega has

Rumor has it, Linda Vega has never done any campaigning outside of San Antonio's city limits... we can draw our own conclusions from that.

Southern Agrarian

Actually,Her facebook page

Her facebook page is a literal ghost town so I guess we shouldn't be worried.

Southern Agrarian

Lake Jackson Tea Party

My first debate event.
1) Chris Mapp and Ken Cope are awesome guys.
2) Mapp mentioned, "If less people spent their time watching Sunday, Monday, Thursday night football and started watching our government...".
3) Ken Cope whipped out the audit the FED and the QE printing.
4) Dwayne hammered the states rights anvil.
5) 81 in attendance, LJ TP did a good job hosting at the Civic Center.

Southern Agrarian

Texas Tribune

“Let’s just say the Tea Party candidate has always been me, and there hasn’t been another one," Stovall said. “We’re the best campaign you haven’t heard of."

You win polls when you show up.
I am still puzzled at the media on their coverage of the Senate Race. If they looked at each candidates Facebook pages I think they would see a different story on who is really in the running for this race.

Southern Agrarian

Really getting sick and tired

Really getting sick and tired of this.

Southern Agrarian

Tom Woods endorses Dwayne Stovall
This is awesome.

The usual stuffed shirt we send to Washington rips us off to bail out his friends, talks to us like we’re imbeciles, and knows as much about the Constitution as I do about quantum physics.

Dwayne Stovall, on the other hand, doesn’t consult polls to figure out what he believes. And he stands for the values of liberty and limited government that his opponents talk about when they want to raise money, but abandon as soon as they get a taste of power.

If you’re happy with the status quo, vote for a smooth-talking automaton. If you want America back, vote for Dwayne Stovall.

Southern Agrarian

Please fill this out, and spread it far and wide!

Please, fill out this poll with the names of your top 5 favorite 2014 Texas challenger candidates (non incumbents) and list the office they are running for.

Candidates should complete the survey to be qualified for the Top Ten. So please send a link to your boys.

I voted for the gentlemen below, I wish the poll allowed for 15 more!

Philip Eby, State Representative District 58
Howard Ray, State Representative District 59
Read King, State Representative District 64
T.J Fabby, State Representative District 10
Dwayne Stovall, U.S Senate



Southern Agrarian

My senator on I-10
So exciting!

Southern Agrarian



Fill out survey please
Let's help Dwayne win another survey.

Southern Agrarian

Brandon Darby - of Breitbart - likes Stovall and his Bastiat

9. Who would be on the perfect "Red Eye" panel?

There’s a little known guy trying to primary Senator John Cornyn. His name is Dwayne Stovall. His clarity on liberty, our Constitution, and the proper role of a senator really impressed me when I met him. I’d like to see him on with Senator John Cornyn discussing the role of a senator.

Southern Agrarian

Montgomery County
The Montgomery County Tea Party recommends Dwayne over the other 2 front runners, but did not fully endorse him. Still a great offering from a larger Tea Party group.

Southern Agrarian

Home Stretch Folks

I am in the works on planning a Keep Texas Free lecture and bbq in my area for February.

Dwayne needs 556 more likes to hit 10k before February 1st.

Let's give him a hand guys.

Southern Agrarian

Online Poll

Vote in this poll for Dwayne please

Southern Agrarian