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Updated: Dwayne Stovall Is Officially Challenging John Cornyn (Texas Rino Hunting)

Updated August 26th, it is now confirmed, Dwayne Stovall is Officially a Candidate for US Senate in the 2014 Texas Republican Primary, here is an Email he sent out confirming it:

Yesterday, I went on the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM Satellite (He leads into Glen Beck) and formally announced my candidacy for the next U.S. Senator from THE GREAT STATE OF TEXAS!

It is past time to put the interests of Texas first! Do you want to vote for someone that will never vote to increase the debt or the size of the federal government? Well now you can.

Please join me in the battle to reestablish federalism and limited government.

In liberty,

from his website:

Do you want to restore the Constitution of the United States as written and amended?

Do you believe the Federal Government consistently works outside the limits placed on it by the Constitution?

Do you see how the United States of America, which the Constitution created as a Republic based in federalism, has declined into a Nation based in socialism?

If so, you are the one I am talking to.

I have held out hope that someone with Jeffersonian principles would step up to run against U.S. Senator John Cornyn, and it has become obvious that will not happen.

I circulated a petition two and a half months to find out if there was enough grass roots support to justify a common man with no political affiliations taking on the Republican machine, and the amount of support I found was overwhelming.
I am a Christian, Texan, husband, father, and small business owner in Cleveland, Texas. I have been happily married for 22 years and have 3 children.

Time to bring down the RINO!

Check out Dwayne Stovall on the issues, hes a good one.





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Texans, lend me your ears

About an hour ago they were at the $1000 mark and need just $500 more. Even if you can only send $5 right now that will help out with the latest campaign push.

From the Stovall's campaign manager:

We have two very special projects in the works, and we need your help. Both will help us get the word out. One is online, and one is offline. By the end of today, we need to raise $1,500 for the first online project. I can't tell you what it is, but I guarantee you'll like the result and it will help the campaign raise more money in the coming weeks.

The second project is a hands-on project and requires about $1,000 to be raised by the end of the week. If you live in the Lake Jackson area, we could use a hand with some dirty work, and if you can help us raise the money to fund it, this project too will help the campaign raise more money.


About an hour ago they were at the $1000 mark and need just $500 more.

Southern Agrarian

They met their goal late last

They met their goal late last night.

Southern Agrarian

Article on campaign $$$$


Dwayne's words:

Other candidates don’t have even those advantages, and with nine contenders in the primary, it can be hard to get noticed.

“Raising money will always be difficult for people who aren’t in the vein of politics and celebrity,” said Dwayne Stovall, a tea party-affiliated Senate hopeful. “You don’t just say, ‘We’re going to do this, we’re going to raise $6 million to match Cornyn.’ What I have is unlimited sweat equity.”

Sweat equity, the undying will power of the grass roots and an idea whose time has come. (I like that term, sweat equity)

Cornyn on the other hand...

Cornyn’s financial situation contrasts sharply with his opponents’. He makes $174,000 a year as a senator and draws more than $65,000 in pension money from his time on the Texas Supreme Court and as attorney general. He has significant stock holdings and properties worth hundreds of thousands of dollars as well .


Southern Agrarian

Have just raised $600 locally

Have just raised $600 locally for large campaign signs to put up around Smith county.
Intel from a very good source, "Stockman has just come unhinged and has a messy, messy campaign finance scandal that is growing..not a good picture forming" stay tuned.
We're trying to get 3000 endorsements by January 31.
Endorse Dwayne here: http://allforstovall.com/
Want a real citizen Statesman in the Senate from Texas donate here:
Regional Coordinator

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

! Stovall wins Ellis county straw poll !


Dwayne Stovall, Not Steve Stockman, is the Tea Party Candidate Who Beats U. S. Senator John Cornyn in Texas

(January 12, 2014) - Once again, in a head-to-head matchup with Sen. John Cornyn, Dwayne Stovall wins a straw poll against Cornyn and also Rep. Steve Stockman.

The Ellis County Tea Party just released the results of their straw poll, where all of the Republican candidates were listed on the ballot and had representation at the January 11th forum Saturday night. Dwayne Stovall, Texas candidate for U.S. Senate, won the straw poll by double the percentage of the nearest competitor, which wasn't incumbent Senator John Cornyn.

Southern Agrarian

Facebook Race

If the primary were held tomorrow, which from the field of Senate candidates would win based on facebook likes alone?
Let's take a look.

Ken Cope (new for 2014 race)

Curt Cleaver (page left over from 2012 race)

Reid Reasor (new for 2014 race)

Chris Mapp (new for 2014 race)

Linda Vega (new for 2014 race)

Dwayne Stovall (new for 2014 race)

Steve Stockman (Congressional FB page)

John Cornyn (Personal Page)
(Senate Page)

Southern Agrarian

Battleground Tea Party of Texas

Stumbled onto these guys in South East Houston. They're hosting a senate forum on January 25th which Dwayne will be attending but I unfortunately will not be able to go.
The Clear Lake Tea Party is probably the strongest in our area in my opinion. The RLC has an awesome chapter in that area too.

I'll check Dwayne out at Lake Jackson on Jan 29 and Alvin on Feb 4 shortly after that though.

Southern Agrarian

I have a feeling, and am

I have a feeling, and am hoping, that Dwayne will reach the 10,000 likes mark on his FB page before February 1st. At the current rate this seems attainable.

Southern Agrarian

Ask Mitt and Obomya....all it

Ask Mitt and Obomya....all it takes is a few FRNs

Texas Christian Coalition event cancelled

Just got emailed that the TXCC event for this weekend in Houston has been cancelled. Not sure if this is true or not, or because of low expected turnout (TXCC did not advertise very well). Will report back when verified.

Dwayne is going to Ellis County this weekend instead (Waxahachie, Ennis)

Southern Agrarian

Publicly endorse Dwayne!

Endorse Dwayne for everyone to see with your own personal message.
Or email with an attached picture of liberty (optional) to endorsement@allforstovall.com
Lastly you can text your endorsement to the number linked in the website.

Southern Agrarian

Dwayne has 7,777 Facebook likes! Thank You All!

Dwayne has 7,777 Facebook likes as I type this! I ain't even on Facebook, so he must be doing great! :)

Merry Christmas to Dwayne, Ulfilas, and all my other fellow Rino hunters! You have kept this thread active for over 6 months!

The 41 up votes for a thread about a man who is not a politician, but just a regular guy of the highest caliber, shows that we care about issues. Not fluff.

Next year will be fun, The contacts we make while campaigning for Dwayne and other liberty candidates, will help us be ready for future campaigns. And ultimately Restoring the Constitution.

Never lose your local contacts, grassroots activists are worth their weight in gold. Many hands make for light work, getting involved with local candidates will help Dwayne, Debra, and the other big names because... "All politics is local"

I am glad Dwayne has started his new site: http://www.puttingtexasfirst.com/

It shows that this campaign is about Taking Texas Back! About time! Debra Medina lost in 2010, but she started the groundwork for abolishing property taxes. In that sense, she is winning, give it time and a few more good State Reps. They say we almost have the votes!

Ron Paul lost in 2012, Wes Riddle lost in 2012. But these campaigns have made me ready for next years work. When I was holding a sign for Wes in the runoff, a guy came over and talked to me who had voted for Chuck Baldwin in 2008 after Ron Paul lost. Only 15 people in my County of about 70,000, wrote in Chuck.

The point is, birds of a feather flock together, so thanks to Dwayne Stovall and the other Wacko Birds for picking up the mantle for next year. If only we were organized in our County's.

But we can't complain, if we are looking for leaders, we need look no farther then our bathroom mirrors.

Ron Paul pulled 174,207 votes or, 12.01% of the vote statewide in Texas in 2012, Find those people, find other like minded people encourage them to get involved, we CAN win!

Don't give up. Merry Christmas, and may God Bless us, every one!


Not sure if I posted this one yet.
Interview with Hardhatters.com

Southern Agrarian

I just emailed him.

I just emailed Stovall. His website discuses issues but they are fairly boiler plate like Obamacare, 2nd Amendment, debt and etc. I told him that he needs to address issues such as the NSA, NDAA, and I hoped that he supports a non-interventionist foreign policy.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

He does at his speaking

He does at his speaking events.
In Fort Bend he talked about NDAA, Gold currency, repealing 19th amendment, Federalism, and even the 2 party duopoly (no difference). He's toned some of that down now on his website to try and draw in the "general voter" I guess. I haven't read any of the links on there since he's updated it.
He's a member of the RLC too for South East Texas.

Southern Agrarian

Thanks for the clarification.

Thanks for the clarification. His website looks fairly generic with the obamacare, debt, guns stuff which is good but as a liberty lover I really want to see his view on our foreign policy and etc.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

What will prevail in Texas? Money, Power, or Grassroots?

You have 3 factors in Texas that will determine our next Senator.

Money is in reference to the large amount of single donors and the numerous small donations from households.

Power is the ability of the established candidates to wield influence over media outlets, County Parties, and the casual voter.

Grassroots is the drive of people who are passionate about their candidate and the willingness of candidates to visit smaller groups and communities.

The first 2 are items that have to be accumulated over time and generally make campaigns easier. The last one though is the trump card but is the hardest to deploy. If given enough preparation and advanced planning, Grassroots can defeat ANY amount of Money and Power that may be lodged in the system.

Southern Agrarian

Yes, and beware of infighting.

I read one of the articles you posted below. the reason they mentioned Stovall, was clearly because they want to make a fight between his people, And Stockman's.

Politics is all about perception, if people think Stockman is a strong candidate, he will do well, if the media convinces us that he is weak, he will fail.

When they mention Stovall, they are not trying to say Stovall is a strong candidate (even if he is) they are saying: "Hey, Stockman is so weak he might get beat by a nobody!"

The only way we win is a runoff, so I will campaign for both at the same time. Either of them would be great, Dwayne might be better, but Cornyn must come down.

I have nothing bad to say about Dwayne or Steve, I have seen some fighting between their people on Facebook, that's bad.

I love that the grassroots are posting on Cornyns Facebook page though :)

Yep. The best thing to do is

Yep. The best thing to do is to push your single candidates support without name calling the others in the race and hope Dwayne comes in 2nd. I think Stockman will pull more voters that would have voted for Cornyn off and make it a 3 way race.

Though, at the Fort Bend GOP they seemed kind of excited about Linda Vega also because she's part of the HRT (hispanic republicans of texas)and she's a lawyer, and the establishment counties love people with legal experience. I don't see her getting much traction though with her 1-trick pony campaign (immigration, that's it.)

Southern Agrarian

I doubt Vega has a chance.

Stockman will bring attention to the race, that is the main thing. People still mostly vote for candidates, not against them.

The only real poll I saw with Dwayne, had him at 7% he might be much higher now though.

Congressman Steve Stockman Is Running

As well. Ulfilas mentioned it below, but I could Not find a DP thread for it, so here you go.

It is good news, I hope one of them wins.


Correction I think Stockwell is the liberty movement member.

Stovall is the corporatist version.

Whatever Dwayne does DON'T TALK TO GLENN BECKSTAB!

Seriously bad move since he is the biggest crony counter op around.

He's actually out grown a

He's actually out grown a need for Glen, which is awesome in itself, and is moving on to bigger outlets as he gains notoriety.

Glenn tabbed David Barton to run for Senate 2 days after Louie Gohmert made it public that he wasn't running, and until that time Glenn was mad-dog telling everyone that Gohmert was the only one who should even dare challenge Cornyn. Gohmert's announcement was at an event Dwayne was attending as well and the two talked casually.

Southern Agrarian

Big Article- National Review


Cornyn vs Stockman vs Dwayne

Cool to see Dwayne has come this far on media exposure. Apparently TPTB can no longer ignore his presence.

I like the idea of having as many people primary as possible, it guarantees a run off almost.

Southern Agrarian