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Brilliant New Rental Car Business Model

Next time you fly, instead of parking in an airport lot and paying at least $10/day, would you like the option of free parking, a free car wash, and the possibility of getting paid $10/day? Well, if you live in the San Francisco or Boston area, now you have that opportunity.

Three teenagers decided to put their college educations on hold in favor of starting a business that could revolutionize the Rental Car business. Rajul Zaparde, Shri Graneshram, and Kevin Petrovic had either gained or been offered admission at Harvard, Princeton and MIT. Instead of heading to college, the three young entrepreneurs saw an opportunity in the market that was not being exploited, Yahoo News reports.

The idea was this: At every major airport, acres of cars sit idle, left parked by owners who have jetted off. Why couldn’t these same cars be rented to arriving travelers? Rates could be dramatically cheaper than those charged by traditional car rental companies, since, under this model, the rental company wouldn’t have to pay for or maintain the fleet.

Sounds like a brilliant idea. Why the heck didn’t I think of this?

The business they founded is called Flightcar, and they began renting cars in San Francisco in February 2013. They have expanded to provide service to Boston Logan and hope to open in a third city before the end of the year.

They could be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the opportunity to attend prestigious universities, but instead have chosen to keep their money and build a business, thus gaining experience that’s not available in the classroom.

Unfortunately, it is not all roses for the entrepreneurial trio.

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If I was using a car that was

If I was using a car that was old, I wouldnt care much. Otherwise, no, I wouldnt want my car being rented out to random people.

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A better idea

I think a better idea would be as follows:

Imagine if you were a detailer, who charged $50 - $100 per vehicle, or maybe you were had a oil change service, or maybe you could do BOTH.

Just advertise that on your next visit to the airport, "drop by my business (which is a mile away or so), and we'll take you directly to your airline and drop you off. You go on your merry way. Meanwhile, we take your car back to our security-protected lot and change the oil, check all liquids AND detail your car. You return to the airport, You text us your plane just arrived and we drive the mile over to ARRIVALS to pick you up. We then go back to our lot, with a smile beaming across your face because your car is beautiful on the outside with fresh oil on the inside, while also getting the benefit of avoiding the parking garage and walking to and from your car, and while knowing that you can check off your to-do list the oil change and car detailing.

Brilliant methinks. If somebody takes this idea and makes some big money remember me with a one time million dollar bonus.

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Liability insurance for such

Liability insurance for such a company would be huge because of potential damages to vehicles. The detailing and oil change could be upgrades, but it makes far more sense for the person to be picked up by a shuttle to get to and from the business.

All Israel all of the time, huh?

Your links have nothing to do with this post. Are you with the Zionist Chamber of Commerce?

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

I would LOVE to be on the Zionist Chamber


Then why don't you move there?

Since you always seem to put Israel above the U.S. Is it because Israelis are even more bloodthirsty, deceitful, and genocidal than us Americans? Man, don't tell me we've stopped being number one in *that* category too! /rolleyes

At least your obsession with that sandbox partially explains why you're so obsessed with wanting people to join the GOP. Haven't you Israel firsters fucked up American politics enough as it is?

A signature used to be here!


I'm not asking you or anyone here to join the GOP.

Ron Paul asked people to join the GOP to help him win the nomination. That's the only reason I joined. It was difficult on many levels, expensive, and I wouldn't suggest people join.

I remian in the GOP to help liberty candidates. I have a liberty committee now. But I didn't ask these folks to join the GOP.

You only need to do what you want. I hope whatever you decide to do, works for you. As for me, I think Rand is doing way better than Ron. Rand doesn't need me, he has people lined up and fighting to be delegates for him. I am elected to my seat and elected to an office, so I will complete my term.. but I don't seek any furture as a politician, and political party is not important to me as ending the corruption.

It's really a shame so many people see Israelis as genocidal. I don't see it. I see Israelis on perpetual defense with good reason. I encourage people to look at Israel as our friend, as Ron Paul suggested. Everything the liberty movement says it stands for, Israel has been standing for much longer. Liberty from tryanny, freedom from oppression.. safe food,

I'm very concerned about America, for Americans.. people are hurting.. DP is a constant reminder of what is going wrong. What are the solutions? Where do we find them? We are being lied to on so many levels.. blaming Israel is how you allow the corruption in America to contine.. the nazis started this very path we are on.. they blamed the Jews.. what they did was genocide, and that continues in many forms.. that is not Israel.. though the liars among us want you to take the easy way and blame Israel rather than yourself.. you're not so innocent. I think the more guilty one is of hurting America the more they blame Israel..

I would LOVE to move to Israel.. there is already too huge a problem with freedom seekers going to Israel and settling illegally. Where do you think all those settlers are coming from? Too many people want to move to Israel already..

As I watch my country slip into darkness, it is a shame that what once a beacon of hope has been eliminated, and the only country of any hope is a sandbox..

too many people want to move to Israel, and this is a big part of the problem..

Where can I get

A portable blacklight?

Ron Paul Was Right

This will fail.

There are a thousand reasons why I would not rent my car to a stranger. I have rented cars in the past and abused the living daylights out of them. I'm sure car insurance wouldn't cover total strangers driving my car either.

Interesting concept, but I'd

Interesting concept, but I'd want "per mile" compensation for the use of my car. Just avoiding the airport parking fee isn't enough. Might work for budget conscious "klunkers r us" renters and rentees though.

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this definitely wouldn't be for everyone, but there is a market for it. Maybe some linkage to mileage and payment received could evolve into the business model.

heck no. strangers in my car? not for $10 and a car wash

like somebody posted below.

maybe if it was a rental car, and i used rental $$ to help recover my rental fee.

like a sublease.


I would not do this. But maybe others would. Who knows?

Can't knock them for trying.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

With age comes wisdom:

I can't imagine letting just any ole body drive my car anywhere.
I have seen how most people treat their trash cans better than their autos.
I have also seen how people treat rental cars.
No way, not my stuff. It has been my experience that if it doesn't belong to them, they don't care. They didn't work to earn it so it means nothing.
Not to mention insurance carriers don't always cover just anyone driving any vehicle. My insurance carrier won't cover anyone under 25yo. unless they are specifically added to the policy.
I can just see the lawsuits piling up now because someone gets their car back with a damaged transmission, or bald tires, or crushed fenders and doors.
Or they are being sued because it belongs to them and someone else crashed it killing others.
Vehicles are a major investment now days and most of them cost more then I paid for my house.
Just playing devils advocate here. Not such a brilliant idea in my eyes.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

How about if I rent a car,

How about if I rent a car, park it at their lot, let them rent it out, and pay my own rental fee with that money? I'd like that better than letting strangers use my car.

Re-rent a rental car? I don't

Re-rent a rental car? I don't think you'd get back the fee you pay initially, and you'd be liable if anyone wrecked or damaged the vehicle. Why take the additional risk? (...by the way, I know you were joking...)

This seems like an awful idea

This seems like an awful idea for a business.

Here's my suggestion: They should have their own rental car fleet and subsidize the rental prices with full coverage advertising (aka "wraps").

Could probably knock the price down $5-10 per day per car with that advertising model. Might even result in some nearly free models for rent.


Is exactly where I thought this article was going... renting out moving bilboards basically. I'm with the others who wouldn't want to hand their personal vehicle over to a complete stranger.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Your advertising idea could be

a good idea, but cost barriers to entry would be very high. Which is why probably nobody has tried. What is brilliant with the FlightCar idea is the incredible low investment and minimal overhead. Plus your customers supply your inventory!

There is no way in the world

There is no way in the world I'd allow strangers to drive my car. Absolutely no way.

A 10-20 car fleet with wrap advertising could probably be started for a couple hundred thousand dollars, and the cost of advertising would decrease the cost of the initial startup over time.

I imagine "AdCar Rentals" would be a great model for a national car rental company.

Home much $

How much money will companies pay to advertise on a vehicle? I wouldn't pay a dime if it was my company. What if the driver is an asshole and cuts people off and gives women and children the finger? I'll bet the occupants in those other vehicle would run out to buy the advertised product. There's a reason companies don't sell advertsing on vehicles.

Are you in the US and if so,

Are you in the US and if so, are you not aware advertisers already pay individuals (not businesses) to have their vehicles "wrapped" in paid advertising?

The model has already been proven, I only suggest carrying the same over to the rental car market.


never seen a non-commercial car wrapped in advertising. Although, I do live in PA and am surrounding by NY, NJ, OH, WV, and MD. It wouldn't not surprise me if it's illegal in all of those states.

I assume

assume in the instances of individuals getting paid to wrap their car in ads that they have been throughly vetted by the advertising company. It would be pretty hard to do that as a rental car company and be successful.

There is plenty of this kind

There is plenty of this kind of advertising in California. Perhaps only high-density populations make this kind of advertising worthwhile.

I don't want....

I don't want anybodys smelly butt to sit in my car, let alone use it.


You can still enjoy price reductions in the traditional rental cars due to increased competition in the industry. No stinky butt required for that!


for freakin' brilliance!

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