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Debra Medina is running again!

Debra Medina just changed the "about" section on her facebook page, it now says "2014 Republican Candidate for Texas State Comptroller."

she is having a meet and greet Saturday, June 29, 2013 in Fort Worth.





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She can win..

Ill be donating to her. Again.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Good news texas!!

Jump on it!

Good for Texans. Personally,

Good for Texans. Personally, I won't be satisfied until Debra is governor and Beck is ruined. Debra is just the type of governor required for states to adopt. Without a constitutional governor, a state will continue to be raped by the federales.

But I thought Mr Beck was a Nice Man

But I thought Mr Beck was a Nice Man that loves Jesus? :( that he was our friend. :/

Just kidding

If Glenn Followed Jesus, He Would Be The One Who Betrayed Him

Glenn "Judas Iscariot" Beck-meister...

Betrayed jesus, then got sloppy drunk and hung himself...

F-U Glenn!!

True, I don't know why anyone

True, I don't know why anyone still likes that guy, there are tons of great radio hosts and Glenn is not one of them

No, Beck is a con-artist

who greatest love is Israel, then the Jews and then possibly Jesus, but Mormons believe Lucifer was his brother, so it could be him?

Sweet & Sour

Sweet that she's running... I love and respect her SO much
Sour that she's not running either for a National Congressional seat...
Texas is LUCKY to have this woman.
I assume 'Comptroller' is a tactical decision with a steady bead drawn on the 2016 Governorship.
Go MEDINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Medina can win this

The woman who is the Comptroller now is not running for reelection in 2014,making it an open seat.

Debra Medina will almost certainly be the biggest name in the race,as for US Congress or Senate,Debra Is counting on the "I like Ron Paul but not his foreign policy" crowd, Its harder to win those votes in a federal race.

The election for Governor will be in 2014 as well, Rick Perry has not confirmed either way.

She would be great in the

She would be great in the Senate.

When is the next election for

When is the next election for Governor there? Maybe she is setting herself up for that position in the next cycle.

14. And Gov-Good Hair's seat

And Gov-Good Hair's seat will most likely be filled by one of his wheeler dealer friends. Perry has a lot of similarities with LBJ.

Southern Agrarian

You mean Governor Gardasil?

You mean Governor Gardasil? if he runs again he will be the establishment candidate, and Greg Abbott will be the "Tea Party Darling" if Perry does not run I think Abbott will be the " Establishment Tea Party Candidate"

Jerry Patterson is running for Lt. Governor, he seems alright