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Glenn Greenwald: As Obama Makes "FALSE" Surveillance Claims, Snowden Risks Life To Spark NSA Debate - VIDEO

Greenwald interview begins at 4:30 in


Part 2 (thanks goldenequity):


Wednesday, 19 June 2013 12:42
By Amy Goodman and Aaron Mate, Democracy Now | Video Report

Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who broke the NSA surveillance story earlier this month, joins us one day after both President Obama and whistleblower Edward Snowden gave extensive interviews on the surveillance programs Snowden exposed and Obama is now forced to defend. Speaking to PBS, Obama distinguished his surveillance efforts from those of the Bush administration and reaffirmed his insistence that no Americans' phone calls or emails are being directly monitored without court orders. Greenwald calls Obama's statements "outright false" for omitting the warrantless spying on phone calls between Americans and callers outside the United States. "It is true that the NSA can't deliberately target U.S. citizens for [warrantless] surveillance, but it is also the case they are frequently engaged in surveillance of exactly that kind of invasive technique involving U.S. persons," Greenwald says. After moderating Snowden's online Q&A with Guardian readers, Greenwald says of the whistleblower: "I think what you see here is a person who was very disturbed by this massive surveillance apparatus built in the U.S. that spies not only on American citizens, but the world, with very little checks, very little oversight. He's making clear his intention was to inform citizens even at the expense of his own liberty or even life."

Read more: http://truth-out.org/news...

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I understand the pictures of computers...

But why the pictures of circulating water pumps? That was in the second video, around 6:00 or so (I saw a label "CIRC. WATER PUMP"). In the first, they panned another facility that looked like it processed liquids, not bits and bytes. Was that really appropriate footage? (Are they using water cooling in their IT systems?)

Apart from that, great interviews, these stories need to be heard. Glad they're doing this.

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Thank you!

I really appreciate this post, and the very astute comments below.


Lying Eyes

Notice at the beginning around the 0:30 mark, after Charlie Rose asks if they "had"...The President looks downward when answering if the NSA had spied on Americans.
O.K. They "had not" and they "can't" spy on U.S. persons, but the main question is "are they now" spying on U.S. citizens.
Geez...he can't even call us citizens, I guess that's because he think we are all citizens of the World, Not U.S. citizens.
Notice the downward look when he's telling his lies.
On the other hand, notice whenever Snowden is speaking, he is very comfortable looking at ease, making eye contact.
Obama tries to cover his lies by constantly looking downward, as if its a part of his general demeaner...well, maybe he's lying all the time.
My question is when are all these liars going to be arrested and charged with obstruction of Justice?

The government has gone rogue.

They no longer even care about their credibility.

The best liars...

lie so 'smooth'... you never even catch it.
start at 0:43 in the below clip...

"There's a call to an oncologist.. and a call to a lawyer... and you can pair that up... and maybe this person's dying and they're writing their will.... and you can yield all this information.

ALL of that is true... EXCEPT for the fact that..

under the program right now... for the Government to do that..
it would be illegal... we would not be allowed to do that.

Did he ever SAY that they are NOT doing that??
He said it would be illegal... that's ALL he said.

Watching a true Psycopath in action is like watching an artist

If you know what to look for, you see the split second calculations of manipulation happening instantaneously as they move and speak.

Its an almost airtight simulation of a real, sincere human being with a conscience and heart.

But there's a slick veneer of "wrong" all over the performance. It doesn't pass the human warmth test.

It's a performance. It's simulation. It's cold and strategic.

Thank you for this post

This story needs to stay up.

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Part 2 Added...

Thanks Moderators for adding Part 2 link

Moderators - Can You Please Add Part 2 Link To The Thread

Moderators - Can You Please Add Part 2 Link To The Thread

Thanks in advance and thanks to goldenequity for the part 2 Link

Part 2:

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He's the man.

Here ya go OP...

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Appreciated that link.

Nice work.

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Greenwald: Democrats are doing most of the attacking.

All of them from both parties are in on this, IMO. It's all part of the game called deceit. Thanks for posting.