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Brazilian Cop Refuses Order to Go Against the People

His commander tells him to take three patrol cars and drive in the direction of the crowd to scare the and disperse them and he refuses and have his gun taken away. The confrontation starts at 21 secconds mark on the video.
He yells: I am ordering you, I am ordering you!
The police in Brazil are military.


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"International Oath Keeper" -Jackson


"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

superiors always trying to get someone

doing their dirty work! do it your self biatch!

Well that's a new one

Well that's a new one a (Gasp)International oathkeeper

Can anyone translate?

Looked like a good power struggle

the cop was forced to return his gun...

... and dispatched after refusing to follow and order from his superior.
The order was for him to stop the protesters with his vehicle.
(Then they show the commander saying)
- "Take the vehicle, and scare them. Take three vehicles and scare them. Now, NOW, I'm ordering you, I'm ordering you right now."

As he refuses to do that, his superior yells, while taking the gun from his hands:
- "Get out, Get out now from this sh*t. Get the f*cking out."


Good translation!