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Did Gorelick Ride TWA 800 To Fannie Mae Millions?


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July 16, 2009 - WorldNetDaily .com

Bloggers have taken to calling Jamie Gorelick “The Mistress of Disaster” and with good reason.

As Deputy Attorney General under President Clinton, she penned the infamous “wall” memo that prevented intelligence agencies from sharing information in the run-up to September 11.

After leaving the Justice Department, she headed over to Fannie Mae, where as vice-chair she helped wreck the American economy.

From Fannie Mae, Gorelick careened back to the less than useless 9-11 Commission, whose mission she did her best to subvert.

Few bloggers, however, have asked why Fannie Mae handed a middling bureaucrat with no financial or housing experience a sinecure that the Washington Monthly called “the equivalent of winning the lottery.”

Or why House Democrats invested one of their five 9-11 Commission slots in a mortgage executive with little or no intelligence experience.

Or why Gorelick gave up a $4 million a year on-average gig to join the 9-11 commission?

All three questions lead to the same answer, Gorelick’s role in the investigation of TWA Flight 800, the 747 that blew up off the coast of Long Island in July 1996.

Tomorrow, July 17, we mark the 13th anniversary of that event and remember the 230 souls whose deaths official DC has conveniently forgotten.

As deputy attorney general, Gorelick’s assignment was to rein in the FBI. This was becoming increasingly necessary.

Although putting a “bomb” spin on his leaks to the New York Times, Jim Kallstrom, who headed up the FBI investigation, had spent the first five weeks after the crash pursuing the truth.

The Clintons did not consider Gorelick’s boss, Janet Reno, to be reliable. They had much more confidence in Gorelick, who served the Justice Department in a role the Soviets would call “political officer.”

An article in Newsweek of June 3, 1996, captured some sense of the trust placed in her by the Clintons, who had tasked her with defending liberal judicial appointments.

“Gorelick is even setting up a campaign-like ‘war room’ in her office,” chirped Newsweek, “In a campaign year, Justice can’t afford to be totally blind.”

No, in an election year, Justice could not afford to be blind at all. On August 22, Kallstrom was summoned to Washington to be served up a dose of political reality.

Associated Press reporter Patricia Milton, who wrote an FBI-friendly book on the crash with the acknowledged help of the Bureau, put only one Justice Department official at the August 22 meeting, Jamie Gorelick

At this juncture, five weeks into the investigation, even if Gorelick knew no more than what she read in the New York Times, she would have known that explosive residue had been found all over the plane and that the possibility of a mechanical failure was more “remote” than ever.