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Lots of China Economic Chatter the Past Couple of Weeks on MSM: Is Todays Event Part of Collapse?

Complete and Total Worldwide Economic Collapse is a 100% Guaranteed Mathematical Certainty. How and when it starts is the question. Perhaps this is an indication.

China Interbank Market Freezes As Overnight Repo Explodes To 25%

"It seems liquidity (or counterparty mistrust) is beginning to reach extreme levels in China as the nation's banking system is now quoting overnight repo transactions at 25%. The explosion in funding costs echoes the collapse in trust (and surge in TED spread) among US banks in the run-up to the Lehman bankruptcy. MSCI Asia-Pac stocks are down over 3% with China's Shanghai Composite -2.5% at seven-month lows.

•China’s 1-day Repo Rate Climbs to Highest Since at Least 2006

China's bond market is also collapsing:

Yield on 3.1% govt bonds due January 2016 jumps 39 bps to 3.749%, biggest rise since notes were issued in January

China this week..."