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Help Germany's Party of Reason (PDV) get on the ballot/time sensitive

The PDV aka the Liberty Movement in Germany has only about 2 more weeks to collect signatures in each Bundesland to reach the threshold to appear on the ballot for the upcoming fall elections- and offer a real choice to Germans with candidates in line with the teachings/principles of Hayek, Mises and Paul.

If you know anyone in Germany or perhaps US soldiers stationed in Germany who might know Germans, or have friends who work in Germany who know voters there please direct them to the website to learn about the party, and for the downloadable form that needs to be completed and submitted. Look up partei der vernunft and then see the feature for the Bundeswahltag 2013.

As part of a bigger plan I met the kids out collecting signatures the first day of my vacation literally by practically bumping into them. They are serious, committed and are in for the long haul, and they are fully versed in Austrian economics and you know who.

Please do your part in any way you can. Thanks. Absolute deadline is July 5.

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Great things happening

Here is the link:


Leider, it's all in German.

this is for the

this is for the Bundesland(state) Bayern, here you can find all Bundesländer:


every state has a different form, and every state needs to collect 2000 signatures to get access to the ballot in that particular area.

there is a English Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/partyofreason

Can you provide a link?

Re: "please direct them to the website"

Can you provide a link?

Excellent news!

Liberty is Rising!

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

thanks for your post! We

thanks for your post! We appreciate any support which helps us to get on the ballot. With our movement (PDV) we try to establish a libertarian party here in Germany. Its sad that the Germans has fallen apart from the idea of liberty more than ever and moving more and more in a very socialistic direction(again).

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Thank you for your commitment to liberty

for I have seen you, and Janita, and Anton and others in action. Fearless fighters for freedom, taking the option of liberty to the masses, on the streets or wherever people are. There is a small taste of it out there, the people are thirsty they just do not know it yet, but when their eyes become fully open they will realize they are starving for freedom, choice, liberty, open markets, sound money, and yes: responsibility.



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