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Taxpayers Punished For Police Misdeeds?


LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The City Council has signed off on a $4.2 million settlement with two newspaper delivery women who were fired on by officers in Torrance during the manhunt for accused killer Christopher Dorner.

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I'm assuming it's the taxpayers, not the police officers who are paying this money. If so, that's absurd. What should've happened is that the policemen involved should have been sued in both criminal and civil court.

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if only the officers were

if only the officers were sued then the women wouldn't get squat. The police department should have to lay off enough officers to make up for the settlement and still balance their budget.

incentive structure

This is to be expected. When theft (taxation) is legal, there is no profit/loss feedback mechanism in place. And this creates the incentive to let others pay for your mistake.

If you've never seen Milton Friedman explain the four ways to spend money, you have to see this 3 minute video.


The insurance companies are paying for this, but you're right, indirectly. The taxpayer will pay for the increased cost of insurance premiums.