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Ron Paul is the gold standard.

Ron Paul is the gold standard. Those of us who supported Ron Paul, as diverse as we were, did so for many of the same reasons. His honesty was unimpeachable. His constitutionality was unrivaled. His consistency in a political world of shape-shifting, flip-flopping, double speaking chameleons was unprecedented in recent history. His pro life position regarding the unborn and the born epitomized his consistent, non-contradictory thinking. Hence his noninterventionism, because it is just as wrong to kill a man, woman, or child halfway around the world with drones, bombs, and bullets as it is to kill a baby in the womb. When we consider anyone for public office, let's not base our decision on party affiliation or any other such label. Let's hold that person up to the gold standard, Ron Paul.

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I Agree !

Ron Paul led by an example that any future politicians might try to follow.