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Rand Paul on David Letterman Show

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Advice to Rand...

Rand suffers here from the same explanational deficit that plagued his father. An emphasis of decentralization would go far on clearing up the issues here. Rand fell short as he [at the end of Freedom Ninja's longer video post] drew a distinction between WashingtonDC and local. Had he kept his rhetoric bound to the issue of taxes, this distinction would have been more clearly useful in resolving his insight to Letterman. Letterman handed him the perfect set up mentioning "firemen". Rand lumped "firemen" into a category of "basic government". Rand failed to declare that functions of basic government are largely funded through local taxation. He would have done well to declare that not only do our federal taxes not pay our firemen, but our increasing federal taxation is a major factor in what is decreasing our ability to pay our local firemen. While we're being taxed to fund foreign aid and such, we are losing our capacity to fund our functions of basic government. Even if one wishes to pay teachers more, that can be done best by defunding the national trough. It is the message of "decentralization" that unifies the Libertarians, most Republicans, and many liberals [like Ralph Nader]. The simplest scenario mechanism that works best to portray this to even the most politically uneducated, is to say that the typical American pays thousands of dollars per year in federal taxes, hundreds of dollars per year in State and local taxes. People like Letterman need to know that the day we switch that around, hundreds to federal and thousands to State and local, will be the day in which we will no longer see such problems and complaints of disparity in opportunity and prosperity.

That is a Few Years Old

He has actually improved dramatically since that interview.

Gene Louis
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I realize the video is old,

I realize the video is old, and I recognize that Rand has improved since, but I've yet to hear him follow through clearly as such with the Lettermens and Stewarts of the world.

Corporate tax is ultimately a side issue. The bigger picture of federal national versus local taxation must be laid out before injecting notions of where corporate tax may or may not be fit.


If you watch the second video of the fuller interview David Letterman shows himself to be an absolute fool and gets applause for it.

"Well the system has been failing for decades now lets tax the rich more and then use that money to throw at a failing system and see what happens."

What a complete jackass.

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul

Make it more difficult for

Make it more difficult for the little guy why dont you, and the jobs they may create, well, thats cool i guess, if your looking to support monopolies, a top bottom relationship if you will, with no free market choice to speak with our wallets, by taking our business somewhere else.......hell, just regulate the hell out of them, hell, just tell smal business flat out......you cant use services, techniques, designs or technology that we apparantly "created", i dont care about offering GOOD service, i just want to be the only GUY, offering the service/product......and we shall hence call it the patent system from this day forth

Next project, limit the intake of culture, Operation:Copyright

Where's the rest of the video?

That video stopped too soon. I may have to try to find the rest of that interview.


Thanks for posting more.

Full(er) Interview (but still not the complete one):


Letterman this year has attacked Rand and defended his "Team Blue" stance. Sort of Disappointing since I thought he was an intelligent man. But like many, he has played into the Left-Right Paradigm.

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based on those deficit

based on those deficit numbers this must be old

Nice jeans.

If you base it on Rand's tight-rolled Jeans, you might guess 1991. :)

not only old

but only a snippet of the appearance.