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Precious Metals attacked! *Updated With Video*

We all know how important holding precious metals during the currency collapse is.
It is my belief that they are doing this for three reasons:

1.) They want to shake the small hands of their positions through fear.

2.) They don't won't Gold and Silver to be seen as a "Safe Haven"

3.) The price of Gold is cheap so they can buy it up for cheap!

If you are unsure how the market is manipulated, I would encourage you to research that on Youtube.
Keep in mind that JP Morgan no longer has a short position on Silver, because a lot of info is out there to bring them down on a previous short position (Meaning they didn't have all the Silver they promised).

Price of Gold when posted: $1293.94 (down $72.96 per Ounce)

Price of Silver when posted $19.97 (down $1.71 per Ounce)

Gold to Silver Ratio is: 63.35

11 Silver Things You Need To Know About Silver Right NOW

Check out a massive silver collection at the end of the Video:


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Educate me on some logistics

Since you can't buy anything legally, (such as food, gas, cars, clothes, pay the bills, pay medical expenses, pay taxes, buy a house, etc.) with Metals -- it is then necessary to be able to safely, conveniently, cost-effectively, and sometimes even quickly convert Metal back into a cash sum entry in your Bank Account (or cash itself).

Where I live in Mass, there is one small "coin dealer" in Shrewsbury that doesn't ever answer their listed phone number (voice mail), and doesn't appear to be very available to the public. The voice messages I've left there before have gone unreturned, so I can hardly trust that.

Out on the Internet, there are all kinds of sites like AMPEX, GoldSilver.com, Monex, Swiss America, etc., where you could order something with a credit-card, and then be shipped a box of Metals. But these are not locations that are local. So it would not be convenient to have to worry about getting appropriate, secure packing materials, paying for Insurance, paying potential markdown fees, shipping out stuff, hoping it all goes well, and then waiting for them to one day send you a check back -- all just to make your next significant cash-based transaction. That's an ugly, remote, (and risky) process.

Now if it were convenient to move money in and out of Silver or Gold (during periods of savings, and purchases) I would do so. But I have a hard time understanding the logistics and hassles involved. It's not like, in my area, there is just some big coin shop supermarket store that is open 9-5, where you just can go in and trade and exchange freely as needed, when you want to, and get the service you need.

So what do people in Massachusetts do here?

If you can describe the procedure that you go through, and can recommend anything, that might be helpful.


Use my local coin shop, so I cannot be more insightful of to turn yours into cash. That is a good question, if you plan to sell REAL Money for Fiat.
If you follow Ron Paul, then it should be obvious that the paper markets will fail. When that day comes, ALL paper assests will be valued at 0.
The best way to preserve you current wealth, or speculate on how much these metals are worth when they have monetary demand, is to buy them AND HOLD THEM. DO NOT SELL.
The only time I sell is when I over purchase, and need to put some gas in the tank. That could be easily avoided if I could not trade my silver for cash.
Any day you trade the devalued paper money for real money, then that is a good day.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Gold is just like currency.

Gold is just like currency. How? Because those with the printers can move the gold market. Face it as long as you have to earn money to buy gold while they can simply print money to buy gold you will never win.

Free Gift

Use it to buy as much as you can afford.

There's no mystery about why

There's no mystery about why gold is hitting lows that haven't been seen for a few years. Interest rates have popped up a bit, and Bernanke has made noises about reducing QE. But of course it is much more fun to talk about a mysterious "they" who are beating the price down to shake out the weak hands.

I'm holding on to my gold because I see no evidence yet of fiscal responsibility in our government, so the money printing will eventually be forced to proceed, whatever Bernanke's intentions.

Gold may get cheap enough in the mid term trend that I actually buy some more.

More paper than phyisical

So when you sell 100 times more paper silver/gold then you have inventory isn't that fraud .. or in your book i guess it isn't

In all commodities with a

In all commodities with a futures market the total amount of futures outstanding always greatly exceeds the physical inventory, whether they're for copper, oil, cotton, wheat, or gold. This is normal because most of the futures are held by speculators, both long and short, who always close out before the delivery date, and all those closing long and short positions cancel each other out. It's only in the gold and silver markets that the conspiracy theorists make a big deal about this.

Remember that the only way that shorts could sell futures equal to 100 times the inventory in the COMEX vaults is if there are longs willing to buy those futures, also at levels equal to 100 times the inventory in the COMEX vaults. Clearly the longs are speculators who chose to close their positions (at a loss) rather than take delivery of gold bars worth less than the strike price of the futures, because COMEX hasn't declared a no-delivery situation.

Remeber this? It seems fitting right about now.

DHS Insider – Watch The Metals, When They Dip Things Are About To Happen

April 12th, 2013


buy buy buy.

this is paradise for silver and gold stackers.

Having Pm's

Is like having good health.

To my Liberal Trolls:
"Really Don't mind if you sit this one out. Your words but a whisper, your deafness a shout. I may make you feel, but I can't make you think."
Ian Anderson 1972

I just wish the premiums

I just wish the premiums would go down as well.... I am a buyer :)

LOL PM is not getting attacked.

The powers that be have been pursuing BOTH deflation and inflation at the same time since 2008. We've been on a precarious tipping point of going one way (hyperinflation) or another (delfation) for since then.

They have determined that we tipped a little too far to inflation so interest rates have been raised.

That temporarily increases demand for the dollar. When the dollar goes up, ceteris paribus, gold appears to go down.

It will go the other way again. It wont take long. Remember, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Determine your OWN risk profile and then plan appropriately.


Sell Sell Sell.....................I'm still selling and still short Gold and Silver and loving every minute of it. Now is not the time to buy, be patient, you won't believe the prices you'll get in the future.

Its true. I was the only fool in the shop buying!

Its true. I was the only fool in the shop buying!

One lady dumped a bag of silverware, and looked depressed as the owner sorted out more plated than solid silver forks and spoons.

Another guy was gleeful to get his $700 for stacks of Morgan dollars.

Another fellow had a quixotic expression on his face whilst waiting his turn, a paper lunch bag bulging with something precious in his palms.

And there I was, "gimme three ounces to go." And out I went, quick as a bat.

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

What you're not going to

What you're not going to believe is the 'bail in' where the banks steal your accounts...just like Cyprus. Don't think it's not on the calendar and coming to a bank near you.

A fool and his money were lucky enough to get together in the first place.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I agree, i heard just 2

I agree, i heard just 2 months ago is wasnt gonna drop past 22 and 5 months before that it wasnt gonna drop past 25, we've got a little ways still before she stops dropping.

its gonna to fall below 18 before it goes up...

this has been predicted by every serious stackers.

not likely to fall below

not likely to fall below 17.50, if so, very very strong support at 16

probably won't fall that far

if you were shorting metals why did you wait until now when the price is at a 2 and a half year low?

Buy high, sell low...let me know how that works for you

What will be your follow up

if it drops to $15? Actually, I should have asked if you would provide a follow up comment if/when it drops to $15. I wouldn't be surprised AT ALL to see $12 hit at some point in this.

Fundamentals have no place of relevance in this game right now, though they will later as even power brokers only like to lose money so long while they attempt to shake all the riders off the bull. Put it this way. Warren Buffet, all by himself, is worth enough money (41 billion) to buy ALL the available silver on the planet 2x over with the entirety of his wealth, which is paltry money compared to what the Banksters have. This can go on as long as they want it to.

nice rally in metals today,

nice rally in metals today, silver currently at 19.30

be patient with metals, dont worry about buying 12 or 15$ silver bc when the rally hits its going to be quick and you wont want to miss out

so what, you bought 18$ silver? when silvers 40$ an ounce who cares whether you got it for 12,15 or 18?

ppl who try to short will get burned,

long term trend is up, US mint silver bullion sales are shattering sales records, worldwide gold demand is up, metals moving from weak hands to strong hands

Rally not so nice today

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


I am already in long term on phyzz, in case you've missed that. Don't get your hopes up too high yet, there is still millions of ounces in shorts that need covered. Bankers won't be missing out on any explosion in price I have a feeling.

I am already set, emp. I've been doing this a LONG time. Just pointing out where I am looking to stage my nexxt big drop. If it doesn't happen, I still win, so all good.

Happy Stacking, emp.

the marginal cost of

the marginal cost of producing gold is around 1200$ so gold mines won't even be able to stay open at these prices, that would lead to a huge decrease in supply relative to demand which would shoot the price up.

sure gold could fall to 1000 or 800 or 500, but they simply can't manipulate the price forever

In theory I agree with you

however, this isn't the only direct commodity I am investing in so if I don't get the lows I am looking for then I will dissolve my FRNs into a few other direct business investments I have going on, before the summer ends.

probably a good idea to

probably a good idea to diversify, Jim Rogers believes agriculture will drive the cost of food up significantly in the next decade, since the average age of the farmer is something like 58 and there's simply not enough kids going into farming to replace all these old farmers who will have to eventually retire, plus inflation obviously,

june is also seasonally a low point for gold and silver

Who is Jim Rogers?

I kid I kid, I love that guy. Strange to think he made his bazillions working with that demon faced bitch, George Soros.


Buy high, sell low... lol

If you

Know what you are doing, that is fine.
I however, cannot predict the future as well, so I will not shake my hand loose.
Hope you are right about the price going lower, I will be buying much more!

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

David Morgan

I knew as soon as David Morgan did an interview yesterday about the price of silver matching the cost to get it out of the ground and I said "watch, that was the sign that silver is going under $20 bucks today and will slide all summer until it gets below $16) Part 1 happened overnight while I slept. part 2 we shall see, but I am not buying until it gets below $16/oz (I will be just as happy if it doesn't drop that low) and the bulk of my next investment will be a short term hold on PM stocks later in the summer that I plan to dump by the end of the year at this point. Though this could alter a little as things go on.


proceed with caution.
When the dollar does collapse, it will be on of those "if you don't hold it, you don't own it" situations.

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)