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CNN | Greenwald: Snowden Wants To Speak Directly To The Public

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I emailed Glenn

and asked him why he has had no interviews on Fox. He said he has not been invited there and he had heard about a year ago that he had been banned from Fox. I only asked, because that is where the audience is, so that is too bad. I did send a couple of emails to Fox asking them to have Glenn on, but that will probably go no where.

emails to Fox asking them to have Glenn on, ...

This is a hot issue. FOX can ignore it, but it will be their demise.

Thanks for sharing Glenn's reply.

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Thank you.

He's the man.


video will not play past the 3:41 mark (an important point in the video) at youtube, but plays fine here!

Shared on Twitter.

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Habit, I just tried it and it played.

Try it again. I agree, if that part is being censored it is significant.

Anderson Cooper Is A Pro

Direct questions. No playing of sound bytes to get Greenwald's reaction. Keeps his own thoughts to himself (hard to read).

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I'd like to think the DP was a matchmaker in the Greenwald - Snowden relationship. It's certainly the source of my trust in both of them. The DP is a place where rational people get to the truth.

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