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March to the Border


I've been thinking about the drawbacks to a march on DC. Basically, that would be seen as an attack on the govt., and an excuse to disarm and imprison the marchers.

What we need is the moral high ground. It is the govt.'s duty to secure our border. Since it is not doing so, the people themselves have the right and duty to do so. So, we don't have an armed march to DC, we take our arms to the border where we have the right and duty to be to protect our country.

We need a common cause to unite as many as possible. Well, we have the TSA making our lives miserable if we want to travel, but we have open borders? Nobody likes illegal drugs. I know it seems like half the country thinks we should have open borders, but this is the issue that would probably garner the most sympathy if there were a confrontation between the govt. and people just trying to defend our country. If the govt. says we have no right to protect ourselves, and threatens those who are trying to protect our border, it loses the moral high ground. If we wanted to show the government we mean business about protecting ourselves, I would say this is the way to go. What say you?

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Have you checked to see what the Minutemen are up to these days?

They put armed guards on the border several years ago. I don't know if they are still active or not. Bush and Condi called them "vigilantes".
It should be obvious by now the goobermint does not want secure borders. The demrats want motor voters, and the pubcons want cheap lawn care and hotel maids.
The people are being baffled with bullshit once again. This is not a legislative issue. The Prez has full Constitutional authority and duty to secure the borders.

Undo what Wilson did


we want to protect our country, so this a way to craft a large gathering of individuals intent on showing they are willing to defend their rights and freedoms without making a direct attack on the govt.

I did breeze by the Minutemen website - seems very neoconish, though that's why I think this type of action would get more support than a march on DC. If you are going to gather pro-2A people in order to send a message to tptb, I think gathering on the border would be better than in DC.

Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle. Mary, Our Mother, protect us under your mantle.

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Hope I didn't come across as negative for your idea.

I like it. I just want to be sure we know what the message is. Legislation is NOT the answer; that's how they keep bamboozling us. The onus lies fully at the feet of the President, same as it did for Clinton and Bush.

Undo what Wilson did

"Nobody likes illegal drugs." - Huh?



What I meant by that is it can be a talking point to those who think drugs should be illegal, as in "hey, don't like the drug trade sending in drugs to our cities? Join us at the border!" Not everyone is awake to the stupidity of drugs being illegal, but I think there are a lot of 2A defenders who would see that as a rallying point, that's all.

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