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Was the FBI Investigating Michael Hastings Before His Death?

A staffer at the FBI's national press office swatted at conspiracy theories that the reporter's death might have been related to an investigation.

"I don't see how killing could be part of an investigation," the staffer told U.S. News. "We're supposed to investigate and that's what we do."


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Few things..

1) Finally at least a few news sources mention that they haven't identified the driver which I mentioned earlier. How could Buzzfeed state Hasting's death as a FACT so early?

2) I've always considered Wikileaks part of one big psyop and they supposedly leaked this info about Hastings? *Sigh....

3) The photo in the news story with the notecard that reads: "WE WILL PICK UP WHERE YOU LEFT OFF" seemingly in reference to future investigative journalism is just another indicator of a melodramatic psyop trying to tug on people's emotions.

4) This may be a conspiracy theory, but not the kind you think. This may not be a hit job on Hastings. This may just be a hit job on the American public. Do you really know who Michael Hastings is?
I write more about him here:

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?


9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

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"I don't see how investigating can be part of a killing"

"Well, I mean, first we had to investigate where he was..."

I would imagine the NSA can give us details on this agent's involvement, and other agents'; based on the rampant spying, everyone should have nothing to fear if they've not worked for the government. I mean, if they've done nothing wrong.

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