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Rand Paul threatens to support filibustering immigration bill

Sen. Rand Paul plans to support a filibuster of the Senate immigration bill unless it grants Congress more border security oversight, the Kentucky Republican said Thursday.

Paul does not plan to stand on the Senate floor for 13 hours straight like he did in March to protest President Barack Obama's drone policy, but he will withhold support for a motion to end debate on the bill, a procedural tactic that effectively could block the bill from seeing a final vote.

"Unless they change the bill, I will vote on the side of not ending the debate, which is essentially like a filibuster, but it's not the filibuster people think of," Paul said during an interview on the Andrea Tantaros Show.

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some vids 4 U :)

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Admin Answers Rand Paul:

anyone know the current status of ...

National ID card biometric requirement in this bill ???

There are so many reasons this bill should go down in flames.

It adds 6.3 trillion dollars of debt in the first 10 years.
CBO indicates it will reduce wages in the American economy if passed.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Darn! I hoped it would be at

Darn! I hoped it would be at least a 14 hour deal :)

wish Rand would just stick with LIberty issues

and reducing the size of government. There is already a fence on the Mexican-US border, and quite honestly I find it disturbing that a fence could potentially prevent people from LEAVING the US. It was the US policy that forces us to use a passport if we want to travel to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean ... those countries had no problem with US citizens traveling to their country without a passport, so basically OUR government makes us get their permission to travel outside the country ... and now Rand wants to make the fence more secure. Rand's position on this issue, IMHO, is NOT an liberty position, it is anti-liberty.

SImilar to the issue of US citizens sacrificing freedom in the name of "security" .. I don't want to lose my freedoms in the name of "immigration control." This is an example of why I might not vote for Rand if he is running for president. He is not his father.

Indeed it is clear he is not

Indeed it is clear he is not his father or even Gary Johnson.. I still havent thrown my hat in anywhere yet

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He is focused on Liberty Issues

by HAMMERING the NSA/IRS and other scandals. He is ALSO focused on getting voters to recognize that he stands on principle, and the is owning the "Tea Party" and "Conservative" voters. Unfortunately, he is losing many of the libertarians at the same time.

My point is that he is focusing on calling out the liars in Govt/Politics, while appealing to the independents.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

I read a comment

probably by a Democrat or anti-Tea Party independent, stating, "Rand is for big government, except when he isn't." That pretty much sums up the perception of being principled Rand makes by threatening a filibuster if we don't spend lots of money on a border fence, etc. Many independents view Republicans as hypocrites - that they spend just as much money as Democrats, but they spend it differently, i.e., instead of on social programs they spend it on military.
This is exactly the type of stand that makes Rand look like a typical Republican to independents who don't spend a lot of their time on political forums (i.e., which is a significant percentage of the population.) I have thought that a lot of Rand's stands that I don't agree with are things that might possibly play really well in Kentucky, but not in other parts of the country.

Rand has more influence than

Rand has more influence than Ron ever had; just saying

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At the very least, he has

At the very least, he has tremendous influence over the GOP already.

yes he has

hopefully the media will not start to attack him...if they leave him alone till the election he should win...

Rest assured, other entitled

Rest assured, other entitled members inside the GOP will relentlessly attack him until 2016, thinking that they have "paid their dues" and deserve the nomination for president instead of him.