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The Big Red...Senator from Tennessee?

Professional wrestler Glenn Jacobs “Kane” has taken on many different forms throughout his wrestling career. In his early days on the indie circuits he went by the names Angus King, the Christmas Creature (no, really) and Unabomb. After moving to then-WWF in 1995, he wrestled as Dr. Isaac Yankem, DDS and Fake Diesel before finally settling into the role he would have for the next sixteen years and going: the “Big Red Machine” Kane.

I know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t this a liberty website? What’s wrasslin’ got to do with it?”

It just so happens that when he is not donning the mask and portraying Kane, Jacobs is also a staunch libertarian, and it is now rumored that he may consider taking on a new role: that of U.S. Senator.

Reason.com’s Brian Doherty passes along a statement he received from Matt Collins, a political activist who worked with former U.S. Congressman and popular libertarian Ron Paul on his 2012 Presidential Campaign. Collins writes:

As an activist for the cause in Nashville in 2009 I helped launch Rand Paul’s Campaign for US Senate. Rand called me in Feb of that year and wanted my help to get him elected. I am hoping we can do the same for Glenn Jacobs against Senator Lamar Alexander in 2014.

Former Congressman Ron Paul and I have emailed back and forth on this topic quite a bit and he has told me repeatedly “keep telling Glenn we need him to do it. It’s important, he’s exactly the kind of candidate we need.” When Dr. Paul spoke at the Knoxville GOP dinner in April I arranged a private 30-minute meeting with Dr. Paul and Glenn in which the potential candidacy for Senate was discussed.

Although Glenn has been hesitant to jump in the race, thus far, some tea party leaders in Tennessee have already voiced private support for Glenn against Senator Alexander. Obviously if he were to become a candidate that support would increase exponentially. Once Glenn’s breadth of knowledge about economics and his ability to articulate that knowledge becomes widely known, he would be a very formidable challenger. Several of us are working on him daily trying to get him in to the race.

It is understandable why Jacobs would be hesitant to enter the political arena, especially when he earns far more money, not to mention adulation from fans, as a professional wrestler than he ever would as a politician. But there are a few reasons that it makes a lot of sense for Jacobs to step into the political ring and battle it out with an establishment politician like Lamar Alexander.

For starters, Glenn Jacobs is 46 years old. While the shelf life of a professional wrestler can be extended longer than an athlete in a “legitimate” sport due to being scripted, the profession does take a hefty toll on an athlete’s body. After over twenty years and a very successful career in the business, it’s quite possible that Jacobs is considering winding down his in-ring career regardless of his decision on whether or not to enter politics. He has certainly made plenty of money and is likely financially independent enough to pursue whatever hobbies or interests he has once he officially retires from the squared circle.

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I would vote for him...but

I would vote for him...but theen I would vote for a democrat over Alexander...it couldnt be any worse..Alexander is a combination of the worst things in both parties.

Pro Wrestling and politcs have a lot in common.

As a huge professional wrestling fan and an liberty activist I am thrilled at the idea of Glenn jumping in the political waters. One of the more positive things about this possible candidacy is reaching the demographic that both WWE and libertarians do very well with... the 18-30 year old crowd. There are two groups of people who "own" social media... Ron Paul supporters and WWE fans. Just watch Twitter's trends on Monday nights or Sundays during pay per view events. WWE character names are always trending during those times. This type of chatter can reach millions as WWE "backstage news" and rumor mill websites are very popular. I'm not saying this could convert every wrestling fan to libertarianism, but it could get people to at least give his platform a look. Especially if the WWE uses this in a storyline leading up to his official run. It would not be suprising if they did. They often bring in a little of wrestlers personal lives to blend in with the stories for the show. It would be great tv to have a deranged masked monster transform into a political figure who actually runs for office. I would watch it. But then again I would watch regardless.

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I'm hoping

I can use my posts there, where I slyly work libertarian ideas into some of my postings there will help interest that type of person into checking it out. As you know wrestling fans, like libertarians, are among the most passionate groups out there, and as you pointed out, both are "kings of social media."

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Wrestling fans

Matt, and any other wrestling fans, I posted a slightly tweaked version of this article to my friends sports/pop culture website that I contribute to. I think you will enjoy the site overall, here's the link


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I posted the link to twitter.

Get your Ron Paul biography for kids here... http://lionsofliberty.com/meetronpaul/

Just curious

I have been told that "Kane" is from my hometown in Missouri, so I was a little curious when I read this. I can't actually find anything to verify it but the towns wiki entry lists him as a notable person from the town. Wiki also says Kane (Glenn Jacobs) lives in Jefferson City mo, why would he run in Tennessee against Lamar Alexander, especially when Clair mccaskell needs a whuppin so bad in mo.

Josh Brueggen
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He was actually born in Spain. He may have lived in MO (not sure) , but he calls TN home and is the founder of the Tennessee Liberty Alliance

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could spread the libertarian message very hard to reach demographic, the professional wrestling fan.

This is one of my favorite

This is one of my favorite comments I've ever seen on DP haha, thank you.