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WHALE whale.to - Great site with resources to checkout

Through some random web crusing-surfing, I stumbled upon a corner of interwebs under this domain called whale.to [WHALE]. I was quite pleasantly surprised to see what I had found. There is tons of useful resource material there.

Of course, as with most things of this nature - there isn't EVERY SINGLE thing that everyone would agree to, or be interested in. For what it's worth I think it would be good to share the link here.


Does anyone else know if the people maintaining it are part of our community, have they shared these resources here before? I wouldn't be shocked if they were one of the users here, give their level of awareness.

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John Scudamore

This resource-site is owned/maintained by an organic pig farmer from England by name of John Scudamore:



John, if you're around on this board give us a holler, because obviously you've a clue and are paying attention to most important issues for mankind.

[I personally learned some things about the FDA & Bureau of Chemistry reading from your website, which I was unaware of before.]

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