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Is there a "safe" cloud service?

I've been a late-adopter of using cloud based memory for work and personal matters. Something about having all that password-accessible on the internet just bothers me. But in light of the NSA scandal, it bothers me more. I saw the Prism break site and it didn't mention a cloud service that one could use. Perhaps tech isn't my thing and what I am searching for is impossible, but is there a service that is reasonably free from being "inspected" by some low level analyst or Dick Cheney or whomever the government gives that job to?

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that ownCloud looks furking awesome!!! I think I'm going to set that up!!

I've been meh on cloud storage because I'm not able to control it. That looks like a great option, and you can theme it which is also awesome!!


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Options like that Owndrive

Options like that Owndrive suggested in the other comment below is the only way to regain back some control and privacy over your data, with minimal hassle. As Velveeta pointed out, however, the best probably remains in being able to host on your server(s) and a backup space(s) you're the only one to have physical access to; it's just that requires (not a lot) a bit more skills/time on your hands to get started/familiar with it.

Web's inventor Tim BL expressed his concerns about the recent US govt surveillance revelations:


He wouldn't have said that if that weren't a big deal. He knows what they're capable of, if there's enough money behind them.

Thus, no one is completely safe from man-in-the-middle attacks on lower layers of the Internet network protocol stack for instance, if the feds are determined enough (read: interested enough) about you.

As it should be clear by now that search warrants and due process are only but a tasteless ironical joke, re: your rights.

Can't them guys bug your house any time they want, before you notice weeks or months later anyway? Sad to be arrived there in 2013 isn't it? You know who "to thank"...

Bon courage.

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The only safe cloud service

I know of is ownCloud. The best option is hosting it on a local computer (in your home network), but for those less tech savvy, you can also have it hosted here for free:

It is open source, so anyone can check out the code. They have apps for the phones, and you can access the cloud via a web portal on any computer.

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If you're looking for backup,

If you're looking for backup, experts generally recommend at least one form of backup for your computer, plus a backup you can keep at a second location, plus online backup, however anything beyond your direct control faces potential hacking risk. I'd recommend the two forms of physical backup, with one kept in a second location and skip the online storage if you are extremely concerned about security.

thank you

for the response!

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