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Stella Tremblay, New Hampshire Legislator, Emails Whole Legislature About Boston Marathon Conspiracy

The New Hampshire state legislator who has claimed the federal government was behind the Boston Marathon bombing has emailed her colleagues with what she says is evidence to support her allegations.

State Rep. Stella Tremblay (R-Auburn) on Wednesday used her state account to email the entire 424-member state legislature a message titled "Follow Up Reports," which included a series of links that she says showcase why the federal government is behind the April attack. The links include the video that Tremblay has said initially drew her attention to the issue, along with videos from conservative commentators regarding ties between an uncle of the bombing suspect and a retired CIA officer. Tremblay told her colleagues that she is seeking more information.

"Have you seen ANY main stream media doing a follow up on these stories? I have not," Tremblay wrote. "I just connect the dots. Apparently, it is very dangerous to seek truth, or ask questions."

Tremblay first made her claims in April, when she posted on Glenn Beck's Facebook page that she believed the federal government was behind the attack. She later reiterated those claims and questioned whether Jeff Bauman, a bombing victim who lost both legs in the attack, was actually injured, because he was not "screaming in agony." She later apologized to Bauman but said she wanted to visit him to see if he did in fact lose his legs.

more: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/06/19/stella-tremblay-new...

I admire Ms. Tremblay for sticking with this and raising everyone's awareness, but the things she is focusing on will only show there was also a drill there that day and some people who became heroes may have participated. She needs to go in another direction to find the real conspiracy.

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And then resigns


Tremblay's statements on the marathon bombing were not her first to raise eyebrows. Last year, she emailed the entire legislature with a video that she said showed President Barack Obama was not born in the United States and that she wanted an investigation. The video turned out to be a well-known satire.

Earlier this year, she told a state House committee that former President Woodrow Wilson supported Adolf Hitler, even though Wilson died before Hitler rose to power.

Apparently she wasn't one of the sharper tools in the shed.

He's the man.

bye bye

and now she's gone, resigned,,,,,seen as a disgrace

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Thanks for the heads up

I posted the link in my comment above.

He's the man.

Blech! Can't read HuffPo. As

Can't read HuffPo. As bad, if not worse than NBC.

Southern Agrarian