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Rand Paul & The Great Game

Mr. Giraldi is right to say what he said about Rand Paul, (see link) but then, how does one go about "being" a "real" presidential contender in this climate? I both hope and submit that a candidate Rand Paul will swing far war-hawk Christian right come GOP primaries, and he'll swing civil libertarian welfare/immigration 'fixing' moderate come election time to get the win.

Then come Presidential time, I will hold my fingers crossed that he goes hard core libertarian with veto after veto, and making massive policy changes. And to do this, he'll have to first appoint 5 key positions that all have his back: Atty General (easy pick), Head of the CIA, Head of Joint Chief of Staff, Head of Secretary of State, Head of the FBI.

The other key positions that must have your Presidential Policy-Changing Back are the Head of the NSA, Head of the US Treasury, Head of the FEDERAL RESERVE, Head of the World Bank, Head of NATO Command. Those are "key" positions to "have on your policy changing team", indeed, it is these positions that all together actually run the American Empire. And if all 5 and more on not on your policy changing team, as JFK found out, a VP could be taking your place.

When Dr. Ron Paul talks about policy, he makes it clear that policy has really NOT changed since Woodrow Wilson. He makes it clear that despite which party has been in power, no real policy change has occurred in both American foreign or domestic policy; in both areas we continue to be “interventionists”, and control blows in on policies from Washington. And as this fact become clearer each passing day as the American “government within the government” comes into conscious light.

Since Woodrow Wilson’s day, the policy direction of America has been set and it’s been set in accordance with “The Great Game”. The Great Game involves at its root, the “Petro Dollar” banking system. And the Petro Dollar demands western influence over the Middle East. The British were playing the Great Game first, and since Wilson, America has been playing it to its fullest. In Libya, even before Murmur Kaddafi was defeated and killed, the NATO backed “Libyan Rebels” (Islamic fundamentalists/Al Qaeda) had set up a bank, western style. Kaddafi’s dream of an African currency based on both gold and perhaps African oil, was killed with a bullet to his head. Syria is next, with the end game being Iran who has the last free and independent bank. Western bankers have already divided the spoils. Libyan and African oil and gold will be used to backstop the bleeding European national banks, and Iranian and Iraqi oil and mineral wealth will be used to backstop the anemic national bank in American & Britain.

The military is delighted for once Iran goes under the western banking thumb, both China and Russia will be in “check” if not “check mate” for at least a while until the Great Game takes on a new path. That new path may already be set with BRICs. Both India and Brazil may figure into Russia’s & China’s plans, but America and Britain do not seem to be worried and seem to think that they are both safely under their financial thumb.


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