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Health officials 'very disappointed' that most doctors and nurses declined flu vaccinations last winter

Charlie Cooper
Monday 17 June 2013

The majority of doctors, nurses and front line health workers were not vaccinated against flu last winter, official figures have revealed.

Health officials said they were “very disappointed” with the figures, which mean that, despite drives to improve uptake, only 45.6 per cent of health care workers were vaccinated against seasonal influenza – only slightly more than the previous year.

Of more than one million health care workers involved in direct patient care, 466,600 were vaccinated. Forty five per cent of doctors were vaccinated and only 41 per cent of qualified nurses.

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I faced termination for not getting the vaccine

I had to go through a lengthy process of refusal, appeal, consutation with lawyers and my evil union SEIU,then a lot of study at leghal websites and the CDC, state laws, and consultation before a hearing in front of a 5 member panel. Fortunately I won my appeal otherwise I would have had to get the vaccination under protest or be terminated.

This entire process was extremely stressful and anxiety producing. The options for appeal were only two: medical or religious. An egg allergy is the only reason a medicl appeal will be granted.

Thank God for the Civil Rights Amendment of 1964 Title VII wherein religious belifs are protected-atheisim is also protected as it is a belief system. That is the approach I took.

I am willing to help anyone with this, so feel free to contact me. First know your state laws, then if you have a union it must be specifically negotiated as a condition of employment (there is a case WA nurses union v. Virgina Mason Hospital that the nurses won) then read the above cited Title VII.

Also - another question for you

What are your thoughts on allergy shots? Are they considered "vaccines"? What are your thoughts on their level of safety?

Did you administer that vaccine to patients?

If so, did you explain to them the reasons you didn't take the vaccine?

Actually if you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd be interested to hear why you didn't take that vaccine.

1 in 20 chance of it being effective.

!00% chance that immune system will suffer a stressful reaction to a freely introduced threat.

People are adverse to making bad bets in order follow some questionable government agenda.

Free includes debt-free!

My son's girlfriend is a nurse

She was told to get the flu shot or get fired. She got the shot.
A few days later she got the flu.

Next time, have her show them the studies that flu shots are...

ineffective or, worse, dangerous. Then tell them, if they fire her, she will file criminal charges of "reckless endangerment" against them.