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Forget 3DTVs: MIT group working to bring holographs to your living room

Jon M. Chang
Yahoo! News
Thu, 20 Jun 2013 00:00 CDT

Remember when Tupac made an appearance at last year's Coachella festival? It wasn't really Tupac but a holograph of the late rapper.

The holograph wasn't like watching a regular 3D TV image. You didn't need glasses, it was viewable to the entire audience, no matter what angle they were watching at, and it wasn't just a projected two dimensional image. It looked like Tupac was really on stage.

The engineers of the Object-Based Media Group at the MIT Media Lab, led by V. Michael Bove Jr. and his graduate student Dan Smalley, are working on technology that might enable that experience in your living room. The group is aiming to make true holographic videos not only a reality, but an affordable reality.

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Eh..doesn't matter if you are

Eh..doesn't matter if you are watching it on black and white analog, 60" plasma, or 3D Sony, or R2D2 hologram, the programming is still shit.

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Before I clicked on this thread, I knew it was you, just from the title. Thank you Bob.

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