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Taco Bell's New Green Menu Takes No Ingredients From Nature

changing the definition of food...


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Back in the day of the Good Old Grateful Dead

Where vegetarian and vegans were abundant.. and being "on the road" was part of the journey.. and public restrooms many times being fast food places, and wanting to repay for the use of the facility, expecially when it was a bus load (and some pretty crunchy), Taco Bell was the unoffical OK fast food chain because their beans have always been vegan, and they served bowls, so you could ask for a bowl of beans with tomatos, olives and lettuce for 69c. If you didn't know.. now you do.Of course the GMO protest destoyed Taco Bell's vegan customers to say the least.


Ghost cities? Try cheap ground beef. I am positive that humans are eating humans on a daily basis. Hot Dogs are people.

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Soylent People is made from


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Sweeny Todd


Ron Paul Was Right

WOW!!! this is funny

Thought I was watching the onion, but who knows with today's consumers who don't have a clue what goes into their food.

The first GMO recall I heard of in my life came from Taco Bell in the late 1990's because somehow GMO BT corn was mixed into their taco shells, before it was approved for human consumption.


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It is the onion!

It is the onion!

Don't you mean

the funyun ;)

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Those aren't just empty words.

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Please post in humor?

More not empty words.

I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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"Thought I was watching the onion, but"

The first text graphics on screen are "ONION NEWS NETWORK".

"Changing the definition of food."

What a brave step forward...

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