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Frankenfood wins accolades from conservatives because the left is against it!

National Public Radio reports that awarding the prize to GMO scientists "is likely to get some publicity, some of it in the form of anger and protests," and noted that several European governments "have refused to approve the planting or importation of some" GMO crops.

Opposition to such crops is foolish. Not a single reputable scientific study has found them to be a health threat. Roughly 80% of the processed food we eat in this country are made with genetically modified ingredients.


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80% of the foods we eat in this country are made with GMO's

Um... hello. That is not a very good argument.

First, there is little scientific study about their health risks, period.

Second, our country is plagued with obesity, heart disease, diabetes. If 80% of the food we eat is GMO, some studies are in order as to the correlation.

Obesity & diabetes is linked to corn (HFCS), and corn is one of the biggest GMO cash crops around.

He's the man.

It should be noted that in

It should be noted that in America the biggest problem is not what people eat, but HOW MUCH people eat.

The only 100% sure-fire way to get people to lose weight is with "portion control", in other words, reduce the number of calories consumed and scale back the sheer weight of the pile of food sitting on the plate. As long as people eat a sensible mix of fruits, nuts, vegetables and protein AND eat less overall, they will lose weight.

Absolutely caloric

Absolutely caloric restriction is a proven fact.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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All those who suport the ungodly frankenfoods

Must be feed same and their family, children, and supporters.


Don't support Monsanto, you are a criminal

Wow, that article actually tries to assert that if you oppose GMO's it should be a crime. It also implies that only the 'anti-science left' is against GMO's. Hmm, seems like a great article from the 'anti-freemarket right'

Reading the news

is like having a fist fight with Goebbels.