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Rand Paul: Join me in suing the NSA over illegal spying

(NaturalNews) As reports go main stream about the NSA spying on millions of Americans through massive phone and email surveillance programs, it seems like nothing is being done to stop this massive breach of privacy. As massive surveillance powers hover over Americans and people all across the world, how will this new age branch of government ultimately be held accountable? How can the NSA be held in check?

Maybe it's time to reopen the Constitution and start abiding by its principles. Maybe it's time to sue the NSA over its illegal spying. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is doing both and calling on millions of Americans to join him.


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thx legalize...

I hope the MILLIONS 'realize' they have STANDING... we've ALL been legally DAMAGED... suggest putting the hot link to the suit/petition on your OP.

Thanks for a bump brother

Cheers Goldenequity!

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