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LOL: Man with a gun MAY be en-route to UTA campus - all campus activities cancelled

This was from June 19, 2013. There was an unconfirmed report by the Dallas PD that a man MAY have been en-route to the University of Texas - Arlington campus at 4:28 am. As a result, all operations were cancelled. Campus activities were re-opened later that day, but the point still remains.

A man traveling with a gun! Everybody stay inside! Shut down all operations!

I must say that I found this to be a bit comical.


The official campus warnings:

MavAlert Notification: 4:28 AM, Jun. 19, 2013
Unconfirmed report Dallas PD informed UTA PD subj. w/ gun may be en-route to UTA campus. If on campus stay indoors/ off campus stay away until further notice

MavAlert Notification: 6:17 AM, Jun. 19, 2013
Police continue to investigate unconfirmed reports of a man suspected of traveling to campus with a gun. Stay away from campus or remain indoors until further notified.

MavAlert Notification: 7:39 AM, Jun. 19, 2013
The UT Arlington campus is closed, and classes, events and summer camps are canceled until further notice as police continue to investigate a report of a man traveling to campus with a gun. Anyone on campus should remain inside. No one should travel to campus.

MavAlert Notification: 9:29 AM, Jun. 19, 2013
UT Arlington police report that the threat has passed. The campus has reopened; normal operations are resuming. Employees should report to campus as soon as possible. Normal class schedules will resume at noon.

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The law in Texas states that anyone can carry a gun in a car.

You don't need a license. University campus' have become hotbeds of political correctness, liberals and administrators are dictatorial elitists and make rules about everything from banning tobacco to allowing the elite to drink alcohol during events when it is against the rules for anyone to drink on campus.

In reality, some people are encouraged to lie, cheat and steal their way thru to multiple diplomas which result in great jobs where they spend their time kissing butt and/or preventing the non-elitists from getting ahead.

It's Texas, dammit....some people carry guns

I think this was an excuse for some kind of a drill or preparedness exercise.

Man with nail clippers

spotted heading downtown, toward the court house.

This is a dangerous situation, he may be known to like pedicures.

Just open the box and see