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3D Printed Batteries Smaller Than A Grain Of Sand!

Scientists use 3D printer to create microbatteries smaller than a single GRAIN of sand, paving the way for high-powered flying robot insects and mini medical implants

The revolutionary technology behind 3D-printed car parts, food and guns can also be used to print batteries smaller than a grain of sand.

Scientists have used a 3D printer to make linthium-ion microbatteries that can fit into tiny devices that had previously stumped engineers looking to power them for longer periods.

The batteries were constructed from interlaced stacks of tiny battery electrodes, which conduct electricity, that are each smaller than the width of a single human hair.

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With technology such as this, how long will it be before...

we can buy a Tesla econobox with 300 mile range for under $20,000?

I can see it now, the "Tesla Model T".