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Gold Vs bitcoin. Free Market currency solutions

This is part 2 of my series on how the free market is making government obsolete. Today we focus on Currency. Gold Vs bitcoin

Here is a link to the Kindle book on Bitcoin

If you buy it through the DailyPaul link to the Amazon store they will receive the commission.

I love to further the debate on Bitcoin Vs Gold, but no name calling or lazy arguments please.

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"Warning", There Is Some DISINFORMATION In This Video !

Goldmoney is still very much in operation:

What has changed in the Goldmoney operation, is the ability to transfer ownership of precious metals from holding account owner to holding account owner confidentially over the internet.
Click here for more in depth information about Goldmoney:


Your point is accurate about goldmoney, but not about the video

Here is the quote from the video

About However both companies despite being welcomed by the public, were persecuted by governments until they either went out of business or turned off many of their services to avoid harassment by government.
Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Great video with lots of good info

Although it's not new news to this crowd, it's good to pass along.

My one BIG complaint is that it encourages the listener to another video with that annoying marketing smell. I absolutely hate those videos that start out immediately, have no volume control and don't give the viewer controls to skip/rewind. They make me feel dirty, like when you get ambushed by a used car salesman when just curiously looking at a car. I also do not like being forced to sign up for a newsletter (I assume that's why I had to give an email address to view it) just to view it.

Haven't hit the end yet so I can't comment to it's total content but if what you're doing is good (and I think it is) then why the pushy tactics?

Hi Tam,

I certainly believe everything I do is for "good". As for the "marketing tactics" it is because it has been tested. I have tested with requiring email and without, and more people watch longer when they gave something for the video. Money puts too many people off, and if its free they click away too quickly.

I am just trying to have the biggest impact with the liberty message, and of course grow the business. One equals the other. And my testing atleast shows asking for an email works best.

Of course at the bottom of every email you receive there is an unsubscribe link, if you dont like the content we put out, bu this system works, the best.

Thank you for taking the time to give feedback.
Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.

You had me at Bitcoin.

You had me at Bitcoin.