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GCHQ taps fibre-optic cables for secret access to world's communications

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'When it came to judging the

'When it came to judging the necessity and proportionality of what they were allowed to look for, would-be American users were told it was "your call".'

So the NSA can spy on British nationals communicating with one another and provide the results to the Brits in order to bypass these supposed laws that protect Brits from being spied on when they're communicating with each other on their own soil.

Is the same going on in reverse?

Passing a law for a system

Passing a law for a system you have already secretly set up......and by secret, i mean less then 99.9% public awareness

Lady's and gentlemen, i present to you,.....the snoopers law,......also known as... the comunication data bill law?act?regulation?policy?.....who the fuck knows....certainly not the people! Certainly not half the "politicians" who THINK they do



"The source with knowledge of

"The source with knowledge of intelligence said on Friday the companies were obliged to co-operate in this operation. They are forbidden from revealing the existence of warrants compelling them to allow GCHQ access to the cables.

"There's an overarching condition of the licensing of the companies that they have to co-operate in this. Should they decline, we can compel them to do so. They have no choice."

Anything sound familiar?

Also "However, an obscure


"However, an obscure clause allows the foreign secretary to sign a certificate for the interception of broad categories of material, as long as one end of the monitored communications is abroad. But the nature of modern fibre-optic communications means that a proportion of internal UK traffic is relayed abroad and then returns through the cables."

Thankyou so much for

Thankyou so much for posting

I cant say im surprised....WHATSOEVER.......sometimes i get the feeling the uk is US's silent partner on the road to tyrrany, our politicians just hide it better and have what feels like a more asleep people then the US, which is why i am envious of you folks, you seem to have a better chance at change

I hope to be wrong about how the uk people will feel about this, but i dread that the majority wont even batter an eyebrow

And i would not just limit the US or UK, in this displancancy......is that the right term?!

Edit: If there was a better reason to initiate an investigation of an accused "conspiracy"......well, i cant think of one!

I think you're right - they won't bat an eye - also wonder if

the media has been told to report only negative Snowden info - not seeing much about the last two releases on MSM - surprise, surprise.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Improved pre-crime detection??

Unverifiable that this prevents crime. It sounds expensive and wasteful. A typical use for taxpayer's donations and additions to national mortgage.

"However, on Friday a source with knowledge of intelligence argued that the data ... had provided material that had led to significant breakthroughs in detecting and preventing serious crime."

Free includes debt-free!

Thanks for posting