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Ben Swann's First "Full Disclosure"

I got this e-mail from Ben Swann informing me that he has released his "first Richter Studios' produced episode of 'Full Disclosure'" Here's the e-mail along with the video:

We are proud to announce that we have released our first Richter Studios' produced episode of 'Full Disclosure'. Here is an excerpt from the episode:
"Criminal or Whistleblower? Hero or Traitor?
Edward Snowden has captured headlines across the country after the former NSA contractor revealed to the UK Guardian the NSA's tracking and collection of personal information on hundreds of millions of Americans.
For the last week, every major news organization in America has begun a trial in the court of public opinion but what is happening is all about the messenger. Very little has been said about his message. Plus, the question media isn't asking, who here actually committed a crime?
The first step in Full Disclosure, Inform.
Edward Snowden shocked the world when..."
Click here to watch this week's episode of Full Disclosure, 'NSA's Criminal Activity'.


I hope that this can spark a little more interest in his important Kickstarter project that seems to have come to a screeching halt.

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