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Senate Bill 833 - Oregon!

SB833 creates for those who cannot qualify for an Oregon Drivers’ License, a “short-term” (four year) “Oregon Drivers’ Card” which would enable driving privileges for Oregon residents (such as illegal immigrants, homeless or elderly people without birth documents) who can do the following:

1.Prove with documentation they have lived in Oregon for at least one year.
2.Prove with documentation their identity and date of birth (unexpired passport or consular card from the embassy of the applicant’s home country).
3.Pass the DMV written and driving skills tests—the same tests required of all Oregon drivers.
4.Pay a card fee that will be sufficient to pay the entire cost of the drivers’ card program.

The bill was signed by the Governor on May 1.

So let me get this perfectly straight: those of us who have been driving in the State of Oregon since we were teenagers have to provide birth documentation despite the fact that we are proven citizens by our prior renewals and easily obtained and verified through the Dept. Of Human Services, but those who are even here “illegally” can now possess without birth documentation what it is I am unable to obtain as a legal citizen of this nation?

If you all cannot see that this was nothing more than a move for revenue due to our failing infrastructure and reckless improprieties concerning budget and fiscal responsibility, then you are missing the picture. Why and how do these types of legislation pass? I have to provide birth documentation while an illegal immigrant doesn’t? Better not discuss that though, because you might be considered racist or politically incorrect, right? Sounds like another step to legislate amnesty, doesn’t it?

Peace and Love to you all.

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Let's make a few things clear...

Homeless: I really doubt those who are truly houseless and dealing with the struggle of finding their next meal or drink give one shit about obtaining a driver's license for that vehicle they don't own, you know because their transients...

Elderly: So the elderly cannot obtain birth documentation? Or is this where further segregation of class takes hold and those given this wonderful benefit/loophole can enjoy the continued ability to drive, regardless if they are well enough, can see well enough or aren't medicated beyond cognition.

This Bill is clearly for the illegals in this country. And why not give them another incentive to stay that way right? They do not want to fix immigration, they want to do away with reform altogether because the government is broke and needs back taxation and lump-sum servitude in order to continue its conquest of this globe.

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Apparently, only the homeless and illegal immigrants are sovereign citizens enjoying inherent entitlement to a driver's license. The rest of us are subjects having no rights.

Your birth certificate is your certificate of bondage, your contract of servitude to the state.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

No conversation on this...

come on...shit...I live here and this shit was passed without my knowledge...

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness