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Rally's all over this once great Nation

Constitutional Rally's in every community in the nation.
There are a lot more people taking there blinders off to the corruption of the Fed government. If we have peaceful rally's with very large numbers across the nation targeting the globalists I believe we can enlighten the blind.

It would need to be specific, as in our civil liberties lost and politicians not following the constitution. How it effects all of us, not left or right.
This is not a Tea Party situation. I am an Independent and a Constitutionalist. It would not be a place for abortion stances. That is something to be fought at a later time.

There was suppose to be a big liberty rally in North Little Rock, AR but the papers are saying its being moved to LA, CA.

We can continue to complain, huff and puff all over the internet but the majority of that is only seen by like minded people.

Any Ideas or has this already been discussed?

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