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OMG - I'm weirded out

I just found out my Yahoo account is being accessed by another IP address:

I then went to an IP Tracker site and found out this IP address is located at the White House.



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I use my yahoo account as a

I use my yahoo account as a junk account. I once got notice that someone from africa or something accessed it and even tried sending spam. Well, I simply changed the password and wasnt that worried because I dont actually have any personal info linked to the account.

And yea, only the ISP can really say the exact location an IP address is from. You can check the location yourself, but you will only get in the general area usually. It will be within like 50+ miles though which is still not very small.

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How did you find this out?

Pray, tell. Thx.

account settings, account

account settings, account info, "view your recent sign in activity"

I am

a musician who speaks out on corruption in my lyrics. A couple months back I had Homeland Security message me letting me know they are watching. Pretty sad. It could have been fake though but it wouldn't surprise me.

free tech support day :D

Did it say you owned them money or you would be be arrested or have to pay like $75,000? That's called a ransom virus or ransomware.


He just said we are watching. At first he stated my name was already taken but I have my music name copyrighted. It might have been fake but I don't know. He was an African American. I just blocked him and moved on. Threats don't scare me.

Send the GPS coordinates to Anonymous.

Maybe they will hack a US drone and take care of your problems.

That's halarious.

Good idea.


conspiracy fail


No sense of humor! any of you!

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what ??

nice comment,seems the poster was asking for help
figuring out what it was all about,this is what i got from it
thanks for helping

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence


The marker is sitting at the National Museum of American History...zoom in on the satellite view and you will see. Not at the actual White House.

Almost every email provider lets you know

Who has accessed your account and the location. Also, it is not hard at all to figure out a the location if you have the IP address.


That's a verizon wireless IP. You're probably at or near DC and checked your mail from your phone. When you're on your mobile device, it will show the IP of the nearest router to you basically. I think it shows the white house just because that's a DC landmark that the map centers on.

Or the white house has a verizon tower? Anyway.... kinda funky but probably not if we knew more

I hope that's the case - I

I hope that's the case - I live about 40 miles from DC - so I guess that tower just picked me up

This is bigger than any individual


Actually, it's not the tower. It's one of Verizon's "edge routers" that the tower connects to. It routs traffic from your phone off to the intertubes. If you search "what is my IP" in Google, and put that in your mapping program, it will show somewhere strange too, but not your house.

Based on what you said about spam, make sure you change your password if you haven't already.

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how about some more info
like how did you find it was accessed?
why would the WH want to?
and how did you come by the Ip tracker?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

The day before, an IP address

The day before, an IP address from Colombia accessed it and sent a Spam link to all my contacts. So I investigated and found this other access as well.

This is bigger than any individual

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makes me wonder now

i have an email acct for political purposes
every once in a while i get these porn/chat deals from my contacts,
when i contact them,they know nothing about it,but do take action
after becoming aware
one dude had gone to jail,his contacts were taken over and used this way
thank you for the answers,appreciate it,as i haven't noticed anything like that. I will be on the look out now

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

This is a common problem with

This is a common problem with Yahoo accounts. A European ISP actually just dropped Yahoo as it's mail provider for this reason. Yahoo doesn't have very good authentication.

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damn,your good !!

I didn't even mention yahoo :)
not too sure what to do at this point
I would like to cancel that acct,but i like the homepage
also i sooo hate change
I know i should cancel that acct,for my own betterment and peace of mind
things change so much, i can't keep up,and i get bogged down by it
but man.you are good :)

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

lol thanks

Change your password a lot. How much depends on how paranoid you are. :D