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Coming To Amerika?: Australians Forced To Answer Questions About Sex Life - VIDEO

Coming To Amerika?: Australians Forced To Answer Questions About Sex Life - VIDEO


Citizens face jail time for refusing to answer intrusive government survey

Julie Wilson
June 21, 2013

A survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has gone from a voluntary survey regarding economical issues such as employment, to mandatory personal questions regarding one’s sex life.

Australian citizens have been complaining about government surveyors knocking on their doors and asking very intrusive personal questions. One resident in particular was asked what sexual partners his wife had, and also asked when either of them would be home alone. If residents decline these questions, they can face fines or even jail time.


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I was about to get all pissed

until I saw infowars. Meh.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Except the youtube link goes

Except the youtube link goes to what appears to be mainstream TV news from Australia.

Remember, use infowars for the links.

deacon's picture

people will sit there and take it

and all the while thinking they are doing a service
the gov are there and they are gods in our eyes !
the people will just give and give,and the elected will continue to take and take
people will not get mad,they will not stand up,and they will not rock the boat
one whole dude in the land down under,1 guy !! says enough is enough
and the rest of the population will kiss the gov ass,and think nothing of it
no different than here in america
one stands up ,the rest sit their butts down,or 1 stands there,and the rest take a step back
who thinks we have a representative form of gov anymore? NOT ME
they work for us,and get paid by us,and yet people bow down and kiss their behinds,as if they won them and everything they have seen
the gov's want to tax the air,the water,and everything else they did not create,and most will sit and take that from their reps

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

People just have to get over being nice to the psychopaths.

It is time to tell them to FUCKOFF when they show up at your door for total bullshit. "how many sexual partners does your wife have?" FUCKOFF ASSHOLE!! How hard is that? Dammit this shit pisses me off.

I am beginning to wonder if

I am beginning to wonder if the only way out is to just piss in the data pool. That is lie. Make the lies ridiculous as possible.

If you're not already making up nonsense for online accounts, start now. They don't need to know all this stuff. Just make something up. Use something from a TV or a book. Making the data unreliable is key to stopping it.

It may be more difficult with the census however... It's not like even the census is going to check up on truthfulness. They'll just compute the answers from the form. Only if it gets really widespread might they even notice. At that point it's going to take a lot of effort to get everyone who's lying on their forms. Legally silence might work better still. Don't know.


just don't answer the door---wouldn't that be a tad bit easier??
just sayin

I guess.

One guy on youtube said he does not answer door at all. All friends have his mobile and can call him the other cases are when he expects a visitor. But no surprise at the door.

That's what other women tell

me when I complain about all the tree trimmers, etc., coming to my door. It seems a lot of them do it even if people can hear them going about their day inside. They're right, of course, but I'd rather get them on their way and get the angst over with.

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